Fulham Home Kit 08/09

Fulham Home Kit 08/09

Fulham Home Kit 08/09

After releasing a sneak peak of the new fulahm home shirt, Fulham F.C have revealed their new home kit that they will be wearing for next season made by Nike.

The home shirt if Fulham’s Traditional colour of all white. There is some black piping around the collar and also around the end of the sleeves. The clubs badge id on the left of the shirt and the makers, Nike, have their logo on the right of the shirt in black. The clubs sponsors, LG, have their name and logo across the middle of the shirt. The shirt will be worn with black shorts.

The kit will be availale to buy from the 15th July when in Club stores and online however, fans who pre-order before July 4th you will receive your kit before it goes on sale, in the week commencing July 7th.

Posted on June 02, 2008

Comments on “Fulham Home kit 08/09”

  1. FuLhAm14

    GO THE WHITES FULHAM 1-0 Arsneal

  2. OliBarnet

    its very plain a bit like fulham play football

  3. Fraser

    Really nice shirt

  4. Deano

    stylish im gettin 1 this season

    come on u whites !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Deano

    stylish im gettin 1 this season

    come on u whites

  6. Oli

    The last two home Fulham kits by Nike have been really good … Why can’t they design other kits as well as these!

  7. Kamal

    Nothing new in the shirt only the collar black? retrning the old kit and thats it if the color of the shirt or design changes then yes it would be cool !

  8. Jamie

    Nice strip for fulham

  9. Jason

    nothing special,goes with the players that wear it

  10. Bert

    finally, a good looking kit by fulham

  11. Adam

    lovely strip

    if fulham werent crap i would buy it

  12. Lfchowitt

    that is well better than lasts seasons

  13. Craig

    This new fulham shirt is nice! Maybe a bit too plain but better than last season. I think collars on a football shirt are pretty silly. As a Fulham supporter, after this season’s great escape, I will purchase it for sure!!!

    (Though I am not a fan of their lets change home shirt every season. Is this the only way Fulham can make money??)

  14. Ps3 Rules!

    nice and retro with clean cut and nice touch

  15. Newcastle Utd Gavin McElroy

    nice shirt the anticapation of the new newcastle shirt is killing me

  16. Luke DCFC

    Sorry about the change of subject, but does anybody know when or if there is a new Derby Home/Away kit for 08/09 coming out soon?

  17. George SFC TIIL I DIE

    On the http://www.fulhamfc.com the home socks are priced at £10 and you can pre order them for july 15 but you can get the excatly the same socks on http://www.prodirectsoccer.com/teamwear for only £5.94 and next day delivery

  18. George SFC TIIL I DIE

    is it me or so Fulham always have nice kits? anouther quality Fulham shirt can wait to see the away and third kit

  19. Alexandre


  20. Ciaran

    Great kit! Plain, simple, stylish

    Didn’t like last seasons shirt, especially the flappy large collars, prefer the v-neck or crew neck look on football shirts

    Come on you whites for next season!!

  21. ReZNiK

    New chelsea away kit??

  22. KennyAFC

    Anonymous, I can tell you that the new Arsenal kits will be based on our 1988/89 League title winning kits.

    Also for anybody wondering(although I doubt there is),the new Barnet shirts will be revealed on the 13th July and will go on sale on 19th July when they play Arsenal in a pre-season friendly at Underhill.The kit will also be made by Vandanel. The only reason I know this information is because I work in the Barnet FC Club shop and asked my boss when the new shirt was being released and thats when she told me the dates and that Vandanel would be making the kits

  23. D King

    Nice shirt, even makes the nuff badge seem OK,. Worst part is the red/pink sponsor’s logo. Simple is good.

  24. Soorbob

    i like that shirt. like the collar. much better than 07/08

  25. Smithy

    That shirt looks good. Better than last years plain shirt.

  26. JimmyJam

    Very Sharp shirt im a Red Devil fan but a very nice clean shirt.

  27. Tom

    I prefer the 07/08 top better. It had more style, a nice collar, and looked sharp. This top looks just like what it is, a overused template.

  28. Darragh

    come on you whites

  29. JwheelieNUFC

    anonymous – no because Arsenal have a big sponsorship deal unlike Fulham. We’ve seen unofficial picks of the Arsenal shirt on here though.

    As for the shirt not too bad for Fulham but a bit on the plain side.

  30. Aaron Parker


  31. Anonymous

    If the Fulham kit is out now, shouldn’t the new Arsenal kit have teasers about?

  32. Augustus

    Nice shirt, rotten badge.

  33. Anonymous

    I’m an Arsenal fan but I gotta say, this is a niiiice kit!

  34. F1sav

    Is this another ‘off the peg’ 3rd party deal as per 07/08 shirt?

  35. 18loon85

    Very nice kit. Plain but crisp and clean.

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