Hammarby have released their new Kappa kits for the season, Hammarby IF is one of the most popular clubs in Sweden, and it currently participates in the second level of their football league system.


The club suffered problems with the board and an economic crisis in 2009 which led to a 16th place finish and relegation to the second division. In its history, the club has won the top league in Sweden once, back in 2001. This year the club will move from their old stadium, Söderstadion, to a new arena the Tele2.

Hammarby’s new home shirt is green with white stripes forming an “H”. The away shirt is black and yellow, using the same template. New for this year is the third shirt, which is white with green details. The Kappa logo is in green or black on the top right part of the chest whilst the club crest is placed on the opposite side. The Kappa logos also appear on both shoulders in white, yellow or green.

Thanks to Markus & Marcus for the news from Sweden

14 thought on “Hammarby IF 2013 Shirts”
  1. I’m not sure the “H” is intentional, looks to me more like a striped shirt with a space for a sponsor.

    I disagree with #1, the oversized shoulder badges always ruin an otherwise ok kits. The white one would be good without them, but the striped ones aren’t great regardless.

  2. I think the kappa logo is one of the nicest looking ones out there. I think they should tone it down though and bring back the smaller embroidered patch logo like the Platini era Juve shirts. kappa shirts would look classier if they started to understate the branding.

  3. Kappa rarely make a bad kit. I do like the Fulham & Pompey kits.
    Wouldn’t mind if my teams kits were manufactured by Kappa.

  4. Not a fan of the sleeve logos, but as above it is hard to think of a bad Kappa shirt, and they do tend to follow the clubs traditional colours.

  5. Kappa have had the same template for about 10 years and that should have been killed with fire at least 9.45 years ago, awaful.

  6. Always liked the old Betis Kappa kits back in the day. Definitely agree though they should go back to the small embroidered sleeve logos rather than the massive ones they have now.

  7. Love them all, if I was a Hammarby fan I wouldn’t be the least bit bothered about wearing any of those.

  8. Well, actually we've sold the sponsor rights to our american (49%) owners, so it's mostly their problem. Good deal for us, as I understand.

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