Shirt Sponsor Clash, Probably used instead

Havant & Waterlooville’s FA cup run came to and end at Anfield on Saturday, but the team five divisions below Liverpool gave them quite a scare and led twice before going down 5-2. Interestingly the two teams are both sponsored by Carlsberg.

Carlsberg/Probably FA Cup Fourth Round 2008

Probably Carlsbeg Liverpool FA Cup Havant Waterlooville

Havant & W’looville opted to have Probably instead of Carlsberg on front of their yellow shirts, in what was most likely a marketing move. It “probably” would have been the biggest cup upset of all time. Under UEFA sponsorship rules if both teams have the same sponsor, one’s has to be altered so that those watching the game, don’t think that company were sponsoring the whole competition. There is no such rule in place for English domestic competitions though.

Close observes of the game would have noticed that most of the Havant & Waterlooville players were wearing yellow Canterbury baselayer products beneath their shirts, in what was most likely a guerilla marketing move, Alfie Potter scorer of the non-league sides second goal managed to get the shirt swap his team-mates were all after, that of Steven Gerrard, who came on as a second half substitute for Liverpool.

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  1. i reckon in about five years thell be in the premier ship and liverpool will be in blue square south.

  2. liverpool were pathetic. if i were a fan i would be so ashamed and for the scousers. *spit*. need i say more

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