Hull City Adidas Home Shirt 2011/12

Championship side Hull City have revealed their new home shirt for 2011/12 as well as their new sponsor. The Tigers announced that they have signed a two-year deal with an option of a third year with Cash Converters, which sees Hull securing their biggest ever sponsorship deal.

Hull City Chief Executive Mark Maguire said: “It is the biggest sponsorship deal in the Club’s history in terms of the commercial gain.

Cash Converters Chief Executive, David Patrick, said: “We are very excited about the prospect of sponsoring the Club as it looks to regain its place in the top flight of English football. We looked at a number of clubs in The Championship and The Premier League, but the stadium, supporters, new ownership and manager made Hull City the most appealing option by far.

The club’s new home shirt features an amber and black striped body with the upper part of the chest being amber and an asymmetrical black collar. The adidas 3-stripes are featured on the shoulders and sleeves in black. The shirt is complemented with black shorts and socks.


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  1. same style as the new Stoke shirts, though personally I think the Stoke ones look better. Can’t quite put my finger on the reason why, just doesn’t look as smart :-/

  2. Not too shabby! Though I think the stripes should run all the to the shoulders and get rid of the black trimming at the collar.

  3. i thought hull were alternating between solid and striped shirts surely then this shirt should be solid amber?

  4. can u trade in your existing shirt and get money off for this one? ala cash converters?

  5. I’m with PhilUTD. I know it’s the same template as Stoke, but somehow the Stoke sems to work better

  6. Looks like a sunday league kit (cue jokes about Hull the sunday league team!)

  7. Stoke kits look nice. (Got mine today). But this … Yuck. It just doesn’t work.

  8. Perhaps it wouldn’t be as bad if the yellow was the same shade on the stripes as it was on the rest of the shirt!

  9. As a hull city fan, I’m embarrassed with my club for taking this sponsor.

  10. Adidas are probably the worst shirt maker, but at least the sponsor’s logo is black, rather than purple.

  11. I agree with the other guys who said stokes looks alot better – I think it may be the fact that the stripes on stokes arent shiny ????

  12. Cash Converters? Looks like an old mid 1990s shirt which was bought from Cash Converters

  13. Ull’s worst shirt in a while. The gold stripes are a different shade than the gold on the sleaves. Also, the badge is in need of updating.

    This shirt looks like a Norwegian second division team’s

  14. @ comment 21 that’s fuc*ing rich coming from a middlesbrough fan lol

  15. I think it’s true that colours influence the success of a design. Hull’s was my favourite kit 3 seasons back but this just looks untidy.

  16. why have they used a different shade of orange for the stripes than for the top half, this shirt is disgusting, if i were a hull fan, id be dissapointed

  17. Bring back the tiger stripes – this one is shocking! Cash converters is embarrassing too!

  18. This is by far the worst of the new kits I have seen so far this off season. The template is very unimaginative which does not work well with the turgid colours. It reminds me of some of the horrific ‘messy’ looking kits used by lower league teams in the late 90’s…

  19. so glad sunderland’s kits are made by umbro who actually give some thought into our kits unlike addidas and nike who if you aren’t a big club you just get boring teamwear/templates.

  20. i love this shirt mint design if i wasnt a sunderland fan i would get this shirt right now

  21. Just Awful. The Cod Heads have had some nice shirts in the past couple of seasons and this just doesn’t work with their colour scheme.

    In the premier league of terrible sponsors “Cash Converters” has to be up there with Wonga (poor Blackpool) and Carbrini (poor Oldham).

    Being sponsored by Anne Summers, Anusol or Tena Lady would be better.

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