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Inter Away Kit 2010/11

Inter Away Kit 2010/11

Inter Away Kit 2010/11

Inter have won the Italian Serie A for the fifth time on a row on Sunday 16th May with a small 1-0 victory over relegated team Siena. The match was played at Siena’s Artemio Franchi Stadium, and the only goal was scored by Inter striker Milito. The team is presently managed by Jose Mourinho, the coach who has won the league with every club he managed (Porto 2002/03 & 2003/04, Chelsea 2004/05 & 2005/06, Inter 2008/09 & 2009/10), as well as both the UEFA Cup and the Champions League with Porto. Mourinho can add another Champions League medal to his collection of honours if he wins the Final against Bayern Munich on Saturday 22nd May. No team has been able to take Inter off the top of the Italian league for these past four seasons, with the 2005/06 season being awarded to them despite being won by Juventus.

In the celebrations of the 18th Scudetto, Inter presented the new away shirt for the 2010/11 season. The shirt is inspired from the shirt worn in the 1964/65 season, which was the last time Inter won the Champions League (also won it in 1963/64). One of the nicknames of the Italian Champions is the Serpents. A very attractive and eye-catching, black and blue serpent appears on the left side of the shirt. The Nike Swoosh on the right side of the chest is blue, while the sponsor logo of Pirelli appears in black in the centre. The complementary shorts are also white, with a blue band on each side, while the socks are white with black and blue details. In the manufacturing process of each shirt, Nike used material from 8 recycled plastic bottles. The shirts are made lighter and wick away even more perspiration. The new Inter shirt went on sale on the 17th May.

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Posted on May 17, 2010

Comments on “Inter Away Kit 2010/11”

  1. João Victor

    Here in Brasil does not have… :'(

  2. Danilo Dangubic

    Zelim da kupim dres fc Intera iz Milana.Naravno,vazna mi je cijena i da li su autenticni tj. orginalni. Jako volim ovaj kllub, ali nikako u Hercegovini da naidjem na radnju sa dresovima. Zivim u Gacku i Trebinju. Bio bih Vam zahvalan na uzvracenom mailu.

  3. Inter

    InTer Myy Lowee .. ii Lowwee YOuu iNterr<3<3

  4. Tobster

    Great kit. I hope other kit manufacturers take a look at this and the response it has recieved and realise that a bit of extra effort and thinking goes a long way. Lotto, Adidas, etc. Look in awe at this great Nike strip. Well done Nike for being inventive rather than going with the usual trend of main colour + little bit of extra colour! Great kit, my favourite for a long time!


    that will be awesome in the champions league if they play barcelona away again

  6. Sausage

    Too Good! I am suing Nike though. My team have the copyright to fire breathing snakes on their shirts.. Ha!

  7. Dwl

    very unique!!….wesley sneider pic looks like he’s been sick down his arm!!! lol

  8. Gorgom

    im not an inter fan. im an ac milan’s fan. but this new shirt of inter looks really cool n beautiful… i love it.

  9. Neil

    Awful, looks like Marco designed it.

  10. LFC

    Could it be their worst selling shirt in years?

  11. Brn442

    Ed, a dragon is a dragon a snake a snake. It’s like calling the Liverbird a chicken.

    AH Brenda – spot on. Nike has not done anything unique. Umbro went through that phase of producing over-sized, albeit shadow crests on shirts: Man U away, Spurs 3rd, Brazil etc in the 90’s.

  12. Retri

    had it been a snake I could’ve been fine with it but…a dragon? wtf lol

  13. Frazleach

    saw this shirt when they lifted the league at the weekend but didnt realise this would be their next seasons shirt as they had champions on the back. This shirt is pure class, think clubs should enlarge a part of their crest on the shirt would look good

  14. Sean

    I can’t believe that anyone over 12 would like this shirt. It looks like an old Yes album cover.

  15. SCOTT

    the greatest kit ever to be made


  16. PhilB65

    No, no, no. This is poor.

  17. Mitchivic

    yeah John coz chavs don’t wear football shirts already?

  18. Ed

    kitlover said,
    a glimpes into the future of football kits perhaps????

    …. Great! Can’t wait for the Chelsea shirt with a roaring lion…..

  19. Jeremy

    is it just me or does that look like van der vaart in the center of the 2nd picture? plus the arm of that player has an adidas jersey like real and not a nike jersey? what does this mean?

  20. Paul Pierce

    RCY, I should say.

  21. Paul Pierce

    RYC, you are so right. If John automatically thinks of chavs when he sees this kit well then that says a lot more about him than it does about the shirt.

  22. MattTallahassee

    Am I the only one who likes simple shirts? This is terrible with the dragon/serpent (who gives a **** really what it is)

    Just keep it simple. That’s why I’ve always liked Rangers shirts; they rarely add any unnecessary stripes or stuff like that to their kits.

    But to each his own

  23. RCY577

    btw, john, what do YOU know about football shirts? Go get some sense. No ones gonna sink estate chav in that shirt…. EXCEPT YOU

  24. RCY577

    wicked wicked wicked wicked WICKED, love the bit on the sleeve

  25. John

    Haha, what a terrible shirt, I can scarcely believe that people like this. You’ll look like a sink estate chav wearing that.

  26. Kubi

    Inventive, but how am I supposed to replicate that on my old PS2 and Pro Evo 6?

  27. 2J

    Awesome! Quality shirt!

  28. Erik Sweet

    When I saw this picture my mouth literally dropped open. What an awesome shirt, and way different than anything else out there. Mourinho would be foolish to leave – the “Special One” should manage a team with a special kit.


    Nah. In a few years time people will look back on this fad in the same way as those horrendous 90s patterns on shirts.

  30. Ajay

    Decent shirt on decent team~~~~like a tattoo!!

  31. Mitchivic

    it’s breathing fire looks like a dragon to me and another point the few people saying how bad is the industy if they have to put on shirts or whatever and basicly slagging off the shirt it’s great it’s called being in touch with the people like if this was a brand shirt it would sell it’s great blending mod culture with football shirt XD

  32. Nerazzurri

    The best shirt ever made!!!! I just love it and i’m gonna buy it:)

  33. Al Hattal

    I would not be surprised if was a japanese shirt.

    Congratulations Inter, very original


    A shirt is now ‘brilliant’ because it has a big dragon on the side of it. How sad an industry has the football shirt manufacture become?

  35. Ed4ward99

    brn442 said, ‘First off – IT IS NOT A DRAGON.’ –

    Touchy! Dragon/serpent. TomATo/ToMAto.

  36. Carlos

    nice shirt, love the dragon motif! crackin.

  37. Phantom

    awesome……………cnt wait to by me one

  38. Brn442

    First off – IT IS NOT A DRAGON. It’s a serpent – the Biscione, which was part of Inter’s wonderful crest until they replaced it in the 90’s with the current, uninspiring one. Hopefully, Nike can convince them to bring back a new Biscione inspired crest, as it will bring in buckets of cash in merchandise sales.

  39. Bob

    Nice to see something a little different, although I do agree the dragon graphic isn’t very appealing. Looks like a dodgy chav tattoo. Keep the idea Nike, but back to the drawing board with the design.

  40. Jumpers For Goalposts

    So refreshing to see such an original and creative design on a football shirt. Not over-the-top, not boring either. This just works. Well done Nike!

  41. Chris

    Looks like a kids tshirt with that dragon…

  42. GILOTA

    one of the best kits ever…..i wish other teams could be creative like INTERNAZIONALE…

  43. Gibby12

    Nice shirt, hate the dragon! Why is everyone going nuts saying it’s a brand new design and wow when the only thing they’ve done is add a dragon!!! Rubbish!

  44. Padraig

    Great idea, well executed. Best Nike kits in many many years!

  45. Kitlover

    a glimpes into the future of football kits perhaps????

  46. Luis Ronaldo

    I think it’s pure class. Nike should be commended for thinking outside the box for a change.

    I see the philistines over at Football Shirt Culture are all scoffing at it. Just proves what we already knew: is where it’s at.

  47. Mattefc

    i only wear footy shirts to play footy in … but i would honestly wear this i looked at it and thought ……..seriously? no way…its so imaginative and daring.what next cannon on arsenal strips ?? the devil on utd’s? a ccj on portsmouths? lol

  48. Ray

    What?!? Since when did Nike subcontract kit design to Ed Hardy? Dear me. Good sentiment…but that dragon. Eugh.

  49. Yazyd Alasheash

    very nice shirt go inter go

  50. Shedrule839410

    Fantastic! I can’t remember being this impressed with a top ever.

  51. Rob

    Can’t fault it. As everyone is saying this is a great design & has something unusual & special that really ties it to Inter. I have not been a fan of Nike since they came out with the current Arsenal kit. This kit proves that they can come up with a fantastic design that suits the club & means something. Now give us our white sleeves & all will be forgiven!!

  52. Randomhero

    ale chujowa na maxa

  53. MisterBroom12

    A sponsor finally took pride in a clubs history (see Stoke City’s new home kit) and made a fantastic shirt. Nike stepped out of the box and took a risk with such a prominent design and everyone loves it. Bravo.

  54. Ncfc1

    Best shirt going by far

  55. Augustus

    Technically Inter have never won the Champions’ League, but it’s not Saturday yet. They have won the European Champion Clubs’ Cup, a far superior tournament.

  56. Luke Yates

    Wow..That’s actually really amazing!! When I saw “New Inter away..” I thought..Here we go, plain white white with bits of blue but this..Wow! It is so great!! Love the design..Something different! How can anybody dislike this!

  57. Martino

    Am not a huge fan of the dragon tbh, but how refreshing to see something completely original, rather than just a couple of short flashes of colour in a different place each year. And to be used for such a high profile club too !

  58. Minghag

    That is utterly incredible

  59. Blair On The IPhone

    I recently said that kit makers like Nike etc. Have stop trying ( see cruziero 4th shirt) how I have been proved wrong.1 word to describe this ….Genius.
    Pure Genius!!!!!!!

  60. Val

    The yersey’s beautiful. BUT! There’a a mistake. The logo of the club. A little part, the top of “I” above “C” is missing…

  61. Torres

    that is a great kit!

  62. Ryan

    love it love it love it

  63. Prisky

    only 1 word can describe that shirt AWESOME

  64. JWheelie12NUFC

    Nike get inventive for the first time since Euro 2004 lol

  65. Swarlos

    Wow… thats a pretty sexy shirt.
    So vivid and original.

  66. Big Cal

    awesome! best shirt i have seen in a very, very long time. some individuality like that in the premier league please, Nike!

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