Inter Milan Presents 2022/23 Nike Away Shirt

“I’m rooted in one city, but I open my arms to the world.” These are Inter’s opening words for the presentation of it’s 2022/23 Nike away shirt. Not only does it manifest the club’s core DNA of accepting foreign players, it also shows the global scale of the Italian side’s fanbase. And whether they celebrate the black and blue near each other or miles apart, this season’s alternate shirt displays the united spirit of everyone connected to the Nerazzurris. The kit intends to show that the brotherhood based on the support for Inter Milan transcends boundaries.

For the 2022/23 season, Inter Milan wears a Nike away shirt that combines its white base with turquoise colouring to produce an all-over graphic. The said visual design is the map of the world, with Italy positioned right below the team crest. This puts into picture the abovementioned Inter’s history as one of the first clubs to accept both Italian and foreign players without restrictions. Nike recolours the blue shade of the team crest into turquoise to match the overall colour theme.

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