Italy Puma Home Shirt 2013

Italy Puma Home Shirt 2013

Italy Puma Home Shirt 2013

Here is a leaked picture showing the new Italy Puma shirt which will be used for the 2013 Confederations Cup. The shirt will be officially launched later today.

Italy will wear the new shirt in their upcoming friendly against Brazil, who are also hosting the 2013 Confederations Cup.


The shirt is the Azzurri’s traditional blue colour light grey detail on the upper part of the chest. The Puma logo is on the top right part of the chest as well as on both sleeves.

Posted on March 18, 2013

Comments on “Italy Puma Home Shirt 2013”

  1. André Guimarães

    Bad choice, when i remember the old jeresey made by Puma for Italy, i´ve been depress.

  2. Sainty


  3. Goutham Uppuluri

    Collar looks hideous..

  4. 81Ross

    It’s predecessor was a classic, and this is nowhere near that standard.

  5. Batista

    Poor Buffon doesn’t get a new kit.

  6. United!!!

    fair shirt. i like the detail touch of the italian colours, red and green, on both sleeves

  7. El Patriato

    it’s not bad but it’s kinda the same euro kit but still to be fair it’s quite nice!!

  8. Northernhorn

    No, no, no thats awful.


    yeah thats right sorry

    buffon is unveiling an old shirt again get real dummy

  10. Changeme

    @7 – Trolling again? It is the current Italy gk shirt, they had it for the Euro’s and it was then issued to dozens of teams sponsored by Puma. Puma just haven’t brought out a new one for the Confederations Cup.

    Get your facts right before making inane comments.


    boring. goalkeeper shirt is a rip off of newcastles as well.

  12. D King

    Isn’t this the same fabric as the current shirt but with a new collar and coloured cuffs? 5/10. Nothing special

  13. Rooney Is Soooo Ugly

    not one of italy’s best , its ok

  14. ?

    Only puma international kits look good. Clubs with puma are horrendous

  15. Zolaza

    Hideous. Thank god its only used for the Confed Cup.

  16. Templeton

    Looks like the womens kit.

  17. Loulou

    Stunning. I wish Bristol city were still with puma.

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