Barcelona Away 22/23

It’s All About 1992 for Barcelona’s New Away Shirt

Exactly 30 years ago, Barcelona hosted one of the biggest sporting tradition in the world and brought some transformation to the city. FC Barcelona commemorates such event with its 2022/23 Nike away shirt.

Overt and subtle details combine to pay tribute to the multi-sport gathering of athletes hosted by the Catalan city. Hosting the Olympics back then started the city’s modernisation while maintaining its values and roots. The same Olympic spirit is being tapped by Barca’s alternate jersey to refer to the ongoing changes in the club while keeping the excellent footballing reputation it has been known for.

Gold medals are the ultimate prize in the Olympics. As such, the shirt adopts a gold base accented only by the sleeve cuffs and logos. The tonal all-over graphic displays the map of the city, specifically showing several grids of blocks of houses in the L’Eixample neighborhood and Avenida Diagonal. Providing the accent of the striping pattern from the sleeve cuffs are the colours of the Olympic rings. Lastly, using the same golden shade, the round collar seamlessly blends in with the rest of the outfit.

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