Hollywood gathered for the Oscars last night so it is a fitting time for us to reveal the winners from our voting in our best of 2008 shirts polls. The votes are in and have been checked and verified, and after nearly 4,000 total votes, here are our winners.

Club shirts

In the closest vote out of any seen, Barcelona, Portsmouth, Sao Paulo and Tottenham were within no more than 3% of each other for the best club third shirt of 2008. The black Canterbury made Pompey kit with gold details won out with 19% of votes cast. The pie chart below shows you just how close a run thing it was, it is interesting to note that three out of the top four shirts here were black.

Third Shirts Pie Chart

Thanks to a mighty effort by GALO fans around the world, clear winner of best club home shirt 2008 goes to Atletico Mineiro. It really is a fine looking shirt, made by Lotto to commemorate the clubs centenary.

Best away shirt winners were Burnley, it isn’t the first time that a Burnley away kit and makers Errea have won an award for their design, in 2007 they won Best Kit Design at the ‘Football League Awards.  Joint second in this category were those kits of Marseille (adidas) and Borussia Dortmund (Nike).

The dubious honour of worst shirt launched in 2008 goes to the Manchester City Third kit made by Le Coq Sportif only just ahead of the Chivas Guadalajara Away kit made by adidas.

International Shirts

Surprise winner of the best international away shirt was the Puma manufactured black Austria away shirt they wore for hosting Euro 2008, the Austria shirt beat out the German Euro 2008 away kit for the honour.

Germany did however win the best international home shirt categrory, voters appreciating the adidas designed kit with the flag details on the chest, the Germans beat Scotland with just one extra vote in the poll.

Other winners

Standouts in best kit manufacturer were adidas and Nike, adidas though were clear winners with nearly twice the votes of Nike.

The winner of best UK football shirts online store was Subside Sports with over 50% of the votes cast, whilst the clear winner of best non-uk shirts online store was Brazilian store Roxosedoentes.com.br

Out in the blogosphere, winner of best independent football related blog was EPLTalk (which recently had a great redesign) and best non-UK football shirts related blog was the great minhascamisas.com.br by Felipe Marx.

* Unfortunately as it seems with most internet polls, people feel they can get away with altering the democratic vote. There was plenty of cheating and attempts at multiple votes from single IP addresses by the same user. We left a lot of these in place and then removed them in one go, it saved us a lot of time that way. The final results do not take in to account all these false votes, we believe we have the true winners shown above after removing those false ones. This is the main reason that announcing the winners was a little later than we had hoped, apologies to all.

16 thought on “Its results time and not just the Oscars”
  1. Portsmouth?? They have braille monitors now, do they? It is an hideous and deliberate rugby league style destruction of a classic, traditional kit. Shameful and embarrassing it should be so popular here, where taste once ruled..

  2. It’s the end of February and we are FINALLY seeing the results??
    With that off my chest, I must also complain that none of these “winners” are worthy of their title. Austria? Burnley??? What horrible kits?
    I’ve waited til February and the results are so, so disappointing. Oh well.
    One more thing…WHERE DID ALL OF THOSE ATLETICO MINEIRO FANS COME FROM??? I have to know! There were so many! God, those were bad times.

  3. Subside Sports are the best! They have a brilliant selection of shirts, amongst other things, and Ive always found them 1st Class!

  4. Well, there were a lot of Atletico Mineiro’s fans indeed. They must be incredible supporters! But the shirt is beautiful. It deserved to win.

  5. They are right !
    Atletico Mineiro’ shirt is beautiful !
    I love it,and i get one !
    The most beautiful shirt of the world !

  6. The shirt of my team is drenched in sweat, tears and glory. Clube Atlético Mineiro.

    The Atlético-MG was the first Brazilian team to touring in Europe.

    Win, win ,win, this is our ideal.

    We came, saw and won!

    The tshirt of “Galo” is the most beautiful!!!!!!
    Atlético-MG (Brazil)

    A camisa do meu time está encharcada de suor, lágrimas e glória. Clube Atlético Mineiro.

    O Atletico-MG foi o promeiro clube brasileiro a excursionar pela Europa.

    Viemos, Vimos e Vencemos

    Vencer, Vencer, Vencer este é o nosso ideal.

    Camisa do “Galo”, é a mais linda!!!!
    Atlético-MG (Brasil)

  7. BOB SAID,
    You say you came from NOT KNOW WHETHER TO VOTE FOR SLIPPAGE Club Atlético Mineiro, because I tell you: MORE U.S. 8,000,000, twisting around the world! BRAZILIAN PUBLIC RECORD IN U.S. DURING THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF BRAZILIAN CHAMPIONSHIP! And then it came the votes! UNDERSTAND!

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