Major League Soccer Announces Jersey Week 2013

Major League Soccer Announces Jersey Week 2013

Major League Soccer Announces Jersey Week 2013

For the first time between February 25th & 28th there will be a “Jersey Week” in Major League Soccer. With all team’s kits manufactured by adidas a coordinated release is planned with twelve teams all debuting new shirts via special events. Some teams will announce more than one shirt and other will only show one now, but release more later.


From 2014 all MLS teams will be expected to take part in the annual event that will have each team reveal a new jersey from either their home, away or third kit.

The MLS senior VP of consumer products Maribeth Towers said:

“We’re excited to unveil Jersey Week for our supporters, Jersey Week will celebrate the soccer jersey. Every stitch, every minor detail, every shade is designed in collaboration between the club and our partner at adidas. ”

Full Schedule 2013

Monday, Feb. 25

New York Red Bulls (Primary) at Pier 59 Studios, New York
Colorado Rapids (Primary & Secondary) at Brown Palace Hotel, Denver
Houston Dynamo (Primary & Secondary) at House of Blues, Houston

Tuesday, Feb. 26

Chivas USA (Secondary) at Home Depot Center, Carson
Colorado Rapids (Primary & Secondary) at Lodo’s + Jersey Caravan, Denver
Philadelphia Union (Third) at Xfinity Live, Philadelphia
Sporting Kansas City (Primary) at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas
Toronto FC (Primary) at The Berkeley Church, Toronto

Wednesday, Feb. 27

LA Galaxy (Secondary) at The Grammy Museum, Los Angeles
Montreal Impact (Third) at New City Gas, Montreal
Seattle Sounders (Primary & Secondary) at Cinerama, Seattle
Vancouver Whitecaps FC (Primary) at Rocky Mountaineer Train Station, Vancouver, Canada

Thursday, Feb. 28
Portland Timbers (Primary & Secondary) at Alberta Street, Portland, OR

Posted on February 12, 2013

Comments on “Major League Soccer Announces Jersey Week 2013”

  1. Ian Koh

    Where are my Earthquakes?

  2. Vern Fonk

    I posted the Timbers shirt but this site is too scared to pi$$ off the big two to show them.

  3. RooneyFan(Parker)MessiSucks

    I can not wait. I want my Timbers jersey now.

  4. Bluemooner

    I agree with Kermit. Life would be boring and dull with just one supplier of our PL kits. Also isn’t it dangerous to have one kit supplier, what happened to an open market? I know that the MLS control the kit contracts for the league but surely each club should be able to say who supplies them and take a higher percentage of the revenue the sales generate. Just my opinion.

  5. Kermit

    Think about it. It would be so dull! I totally agree with Ryan on this one.
    Generally speaking I don’t really like templates especially Puma, Macron and I’d even include Adidas who are very lazy and too many teams share the same template.
    Years ago I had a Nike Chicago Fire top and it was unique and didn’t date visually as quickly as a British or European club shirt would which was a bonus.
    Now when you look at MLS shirts they are bland and boring. Each club shirt is just the same as the next one. So I hope this never happens in the UK.
    Variety is the spice of life.

  6. Sebastian Patriasse

    jed iz spot on man. all de clubs needs is different colours no need for each kit man. just keep it pure ans simple like a deep house beat. sick

  7. Ryan F

    Variety is the spice of life… even this season, with Stoke, West Brom and Sunderland all having the same template it’s a little dull, and that’s just with three teams!

    It’s nice that we get some random kits thrown in, what with Warrior, Macron, Mi-Fit and Lotto in amongst the Puma, Adidas and Nike.

    Vive le difference!

  8. Changeme

    @ Miss Piggy’s boyfriend, he’s entitled to an opinion!!

  9. Journeyman79

    Why is Jed a ‘plum’ for what he said? It would be interesting to see. It could never work in England due to the amount some teams get in manufacturer sponsorship, but i agree, it would be interesting to see!

  10. William

    who do we sing for?
    we sing for wanderers

  11. Kermit

    Jed you plum! Never heard so much garbage in all my life.

  12. Jed

    I like this idea. One brand doing all the kits. Would be interesting if it was adopted in the Prem league, with a different brand each season, just cycling through them. Remember when umbro did the kits for wham, bburn, everton, birmingham, Sunderland a few years back using the same stencil (with diamonds on each shoulder and these squiggle patches under the arms)’ I thought that was cool. Just thinking out loud before the haters come on

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