JJB Announce Football Shirt Refunds

JJB Announce Football Shirt Refunds

JJB Announce Football Shirt Refunds

Which? a consumer group, took the legal action after JJB and other retailers were fined for fixing the price of shirts. To be eligible for a refund customers need to take their proof of purchase on the affected shirts to a JJB store before February 5th 2009. The cost to JJB Sports looks likely to be around £20,000. The shirts which customers can claim a refund on are:

JJB SportsEngland Home shirts bought between April & June 2000
England Away shirts bought between April & June 2000
Manchester United Home shirts between June & October 2000
Manchester United Centenary reversible shirts between June & August 2001

Football shirts price fixing by JJB in 2000 & 2001

This all came about after the Office of Fair Trading fined JJB and nine other firms selling football shirts for fixing the price of in 2000 and 2001.

JJB Sports has reached an agreement with Which? to settle the action brought against the company, shoppers that joined the Which? action will get £20 from JJB for each England and Manchester United shirt bought during that time. Those who are not part of the action but who bought those shirts during that period from JJB can claim a £10 refund per shirt.

Full details on the Which? website 

Posted on January 09, 2008

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  1. Admin

    you can use bank statements too to prove it

  2. Ethan

    who will still have reciets to gt a refund from 2000 or 2001:S:S

  3. Harley

    i reckon it costs about three pounds to make the shirts and the manufacturers sell em for about a fiver each so why would you need to fix the prices higher greedy gits.

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