Juventus Nike Shirts 2012/13

Italian champions Juventus had already launched their new away kit for next season, however this morning the Bianconeri officially launched their 2012/13 home, away and training kits which are manufactured and supplied by Nike.

Home Shirt

The new Juventus shirts will have the JEEP logo, which will have their logo on Juventus shirts for the first time following a recent agreement. The new Juventus home shirt features the traditional black and white stripes with a black round collar and the ‘Scudetto Tricolore’ on the top center part of the chest to commemorate the 2011/12 Italian Serie A league success. Same as to the away shirt, the new home shirt features the famous phrase uttered by Juventus Honorary President Giampiero Boniperti, “Vincere non e’ importante, e’ l’unica cosa che conta”, (winning is not important, it’s the only thing that counts) – on the inside of the collar.

Juventus striker Mirko Vucinic and central midfieler Arturo Vidal modelled the new Nike home shirt.

Away Shirt

Juve’s new away shirt was modelled by the new signing Kwadwo Asamoah. The shirt is mainly black with thin white stripes forming two bands on each sleeve.

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  1. Not a fan of the home shirt. not many stripes like Inter’s. stripe shirts always look better with lots of thin stripes. the numbering and lettering looks too big and fat. The away kit is classy tho.

  2. I hope it's somehow possible to buy without that hideous Jeep logo.

  3. リカルド ロドリゲス says:

    Vamos Arturo Vidal y Mauricio Isla!
    Viva Chile!

  4. I like it, good old simple retro stripes! The only way they could change the sponsor is on the home is make it the same as the away, ie white background & black letters, not much you can do with sponsors on a black and white striped shirt though? Away is not bad seeing as though it is a general template…like the pink 3rd kit modelled by the bird in the background…

  5. Beautiful or not, are not you still look like a Juve for me, white collarless striped shirt is not Juve.

  6. Very nice kits! Good job nike No 1 Manufacturer for kits, and boots for that matter

  7. personally i expected much more from nike!! the sponsor and lettering are awful!! the home is not bad but the away not to my likin really!!

  8. In the top pic, the poster behind Asamoah depicts away strip in which the socks have white detail at the top of the sock. In the picture this detail is mid-shin on Asamoah.

  9. The away shirt could be better if they change the sponsor colors to white letters in a black box. And the media will apreciate the huge numbers and the white stripe with the players names in the home shirt.

  10. In answer to everyone questioning why they have covered up the stars, it is because this season Juventus have decided to drop the stars on the player shirts and have lettering underneath the badge which reads “30 Sul Campo” which is Italian for 30 on the field. The number 30 being the amount of Serie A titles Juve have won throughout their history in the league. That being said, they have made it an optional extra on their online shop to have the three stars above the badge this is known as the “supporters jersey” as for the kits themselves I love both of them although perhaps on the away it would’ve looked better to have the Jeep lettering in white and the background of the logo to be black but that’s just my opinion.

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