Kazakhstan Adidas Shirts 2012/14

Kazakhstan Adidas Shirts 2012/14

Kazakhstan Adidas Shirts 2012/14

Here are the new Kazakhstan home and away adidas shirts for 2012/14. Kazakhstan are currently ranked in 142nd place in the FIFA Rankings.

Until 2002, Kazkahstan was a member of the Asian Football Confederation however since 2002, they joined UEFA and became a member in the European Football Association.

Kazakhstan are currently in fifth place in Group C of the 2014 World Cup Qualifying stage, where they have been drawn in Group C together with Germany, Sweden, ROI, Austria and Faroe Islands.

The new home shirt is primarily blue with yellow pinstripes and yellow detail around the collar and shoulders whilst the new away shirt is mainly yellow with turquoise detail.

Posted on September 14, 2012

Comments on “Kazakhstan adidas Shirts 2012/14”

  1. Borat

    Very niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!

  2. Sainty

    I like the yellow kit.

  3. Leon James Auger

    Were can I buy this?

  4. Tokyochojin

    Nice English…..naaaaat

  5. German

    Thanks to Borat, Kazakhstan was brought to the attention of people that only now Blackpool and Benidorm.Poor people of Kazakhstan, I bet they would hang Sascha Baron C. from the highest tree if he´d ever daft enough to put one foot in their country again.

    Shirts are nice, comments not!

  6. Borat

    I like it!!!!! Greatest country in the word, all other countries ran by little girls

  7. Pilgrim

    The shirt is black….naaaaaaat

  8. Batista

    Wawaweewa, I like. It’s very nice shirt.

  9. L

    I will never get this I will never get this!!

  10. Kev1410

    brother bilo he go in cage

  11. Cyle

    does it come with ipod mini?

  12. Charley Johnson

    put borat in the shirt then youve got a good team.

  13. Mr.Robson

    he is strong with plough

  14. M

    I didn’t know Neil Warnock was their manager.

  15. Mr.Robson

    big success!!!!

  16. Borat


  17. Jarkko

    The blue would make a good Verona kit.

  18. Mustachioed Gentleman

    What?? No green mankini and two thumbs up?

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