Leak: Sunderland 08/09 Away Shirt

Leak: Sunderland 08/09 Away Shirt

Leak: Sunderland 08/09 Away Shirt

Following on from the official launch of the 08/09 home shirt, this is a leak of the possible away kit for Premiership club Sunderland for the 2008/09 season. This is totally different from the plain white shirt used for this 2007/08 season. The shirt designers are Umbro. The official presentation of this shirt will take place later this year, as we approach the start of the new season.

Sunderland Away kit 08/09

The picture does look a little odd around the badge so this could be a fake, but plenty of people think it is the real deal and rumour has it someone at Umbro has lost their job, letting this kit out of the bag. Time will tell if it is the real Sunderland shirt, what do you think?

Posted on April 07, 2008

Comments on “Leak: Sunderland 08/09 away shirt”

  1. Paul

    i seem to be among the few that like the top.
    i think its one of the best away tops ive seen in clubs history,
    i was at stadium of light travelling home before christmas and they said it was sold out. so they either didnt make many knowing it was crap or people like it,

  2. Admin

    indeed confirmed with this picture of Carlos Edwards:

  3. Maurice

    the poster above was wrong, the new shirt was announced recently and this is it. why is the internet full of fools?

  4. Gippa

    sorry guys this is a fake picture thats been around for a bit.A friend who works at the club has seen the new one and tells me its grey and black hoops!!!
    sorry to ruin the story.

  5. Mattie Safc

    It looks just like the specail edition 3rd away kit for 07 /08. Plus umbro should be making kits for 2 seasons. Surely there is more colours than white, red, black and blue.

  6. Jordan Wood

    gud shirt a dint see what the problemm iss THERES ONLY ONE KEANOO!!!

  7. Jacksta, Crazy Corna Lad!!!!

    Im a safc fan and i think it luks canny good, at least it’s not black and white LOL!!!!
    I’ll b buying it. Much betta than 07/08 away kit

  8. Jamie

    It looks like a training top, i dont think i will be buying it. I dont like the material of the home one either, Umbro should have kept it the same material as last seasons home one, that was excellent!

  9. Mackem Mad Lad

    If it is the real top it looks propa miint

  10. Sarah West Ham Fan

    The New West Ham Away Kit is sky blue wid a claret stripe then a white stripe just under where the v neck is. then it has XL Holidays as the sponsor. Looks proper smart way better than the white away shirt

  11. Safc


  12. Mackem

    this kit is canny good much better thn 07/08 away kit keep it up umbro



  14. Bradcristianoronaldo

    i dont like the strip its not really good come to think of it they will lose there job and the profits will go down because no-one will but it because its not good for a away shirt

  15. Rob

    I really hope this aint the shirt becase that is terrible

  16. Mackem-lad

    i like it and as a sunderland fan il probs buy it like

  17. Ben, Sunderland Fan

    Whats the point in having shirt almost same as one few years ago. Different colours for a change maybe yellow?

  18. Cameron, Sunderland Fan

    Its just like the nike one we had a few years ago maybe different colour?

  19. H

    if west hams kits are then same template as this then i wont be buying them.

  20. MUFC_EMcL

    That is a brilliant shirt

  21. Dylan

    i am a sunderland supperter and tht is the shittest top tht has ever been owt

  22. Joe SAFC Fan

    seems alright could have done with just the one coulor and who said gold you just have to take one look at bourghs away kit and its straight of the convosation of gold and i dont think bourgh know the meaning of straigh with there away kit.I have to say this new away kit is much better than the old one but still i find it rubbish but i will still do the loyal thing and buy it and so should all you mackems!!!!!GEORDIE SCUM

  23. Brad

    whats with the black and navy blue, i remember a sunderland kit like this

  24. Cassidy

    im a united fan but it looks gud 2 me!!

  25. Peter - Sunderland Fan

    Seems alright imo.

  26. Dave

    Pile of crap

  27. McB

    looks more like a keepers shirt

  28. Htafc1

    Its oryt but wudnt buy it if i was a sunderland supporter sorry

  29. Brendan

    it’s not great, but it’s nicer than the home shirt, but football shirts shudn’t have accent colours when the main design already has two different colours

  30. Jeremygex

    Dull. How about black, gold or yellow?

  31. H

    i hope the new west ham kits look better than this.

  32. Tim

    Looks to me like more people at Umbro should be losing their jobs…

    Uninspired shirts with tiny variations every year. Will they all be based on two boring new templates again this year? At least it’s not white again…

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