Leaked: Barcelona Away Shirt 11/12

Following the leaked Juventus away shirt for next season, we also have received a leaked picture showing the probable Barcelona Nike Away shirt for 2011/12.

According to the leaked image, Barcelona’s new away shirt will be mainly black with fluorescent yellow detail around the Nike swoosh and the Unicef logo.

Barcelona have already made the news regarding a leaked picture for their new home shirt. Actually we had two leaked versions, which you can see here:

Nike Barcelona Surprise Shirts 2011/12

Probable Barcelona 2011/12 Home Shirt

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  1. Clearly fake as Qatar Foundation are the new sponsors, this one had Unicef branding

  2. This looks like Valdes’ goalkeeper shirt from last season. EXACTLY the same so I think your sources may be wrong on this one

  3. @scott middler – this could be the real deal as on an earlier barcelona post it said that unicef will still have their badge on the new shirts and the current home one has the qatar foundation on the sleeve i think so this one could be like that

  4. I don’t think it’s exactly the same. See the shoulders? there’s a border slightly similar in the Man U home shirt. Nike been using this type of border on a few of their new shirts. (I forget which ones)
    Still strange though, that Barcelona want to use a dark color jersey. Since they been preferring using bright away shirts.
    Either this is a fake, an old design (this explain the UNICEF sponsor) or a possible third kit.

  5. a bit of brazil 3rd with the black out, i like the the bright yellow trim, but apart from that it is a boring shirt, unlike barca. i think this will turn out to be their third kit.

  6. 3rd kit will be the blue away shirt from this season. FCB always push the away to 3rd the following year, as donw with yellow, orange, blue etc of previous years.

  7. I still love their black home GK shirt from a few years ago with the thin red and blue stripes. That one is much better than this effort.

  8. Such a fake Nike don’t make boring kits like this 1 for Barca only english clubs….

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