Leaked Liverpool Warrior Third Shirt 2013/14 Confirmed By YouTube Video

Leaked Liverpool Warrior Third Shirt 2013/14 Confirmed By YouTube Video

Leaked Liverpool Warrior Third Shirt 2013/14 Confirmed By YouTube Video

After the official launch of the Liverpool 2013/14 home shirt confirmed the leaks we had shown you, we now seem confident enough of the new Liverpool third shirt being the same as that leaked too.317414_10151548362382940_629845778_n


A video uploaded on YouTube showing a clip from LFC TV, the club’s official TV channel shows Coutinho wearing the new third shirt.

liverpool third 2013 14


The original video has apparently been deleted which practically confirms the fact that this will be the new Liverpool third shirt for next season.

Coutinho in the new Liverpool third kit by Warrior (video re-uploaded by QualityLFC)


We are also pretty sure that this could therefore be the new Liverpool away kit for next season seeing that all three designs were leaked together…

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Posted on May 06, 2013

Comments on “Leaked Liverpool Warrior Third Shirt 2013/14 Confirmed by YouTube Video”

  1. Andy Heward

    I like it

  2. James McHugh

    Andy what do you think?

  3. James McHugh

    Back to the Future…

  4. Neil

    Maybe a fashion designer works at Warrior, ha… seriously though the home is nice so who cares? Don’t like don’t buy. I know I won’t

  5. Lyricos

    hahahaha! unstoppable jerking

  6. Eric Ford

    Stevie G is going to wear this crap? Attract quality players to Liverpool FC? Less is more… We're LFC, not Bolton! YNWA

  7. Simon Slater

    yep that why it looks like Man Utd will be using them soon too eh!!!!

  8. Michal Rozycki

    Jeez, that Warrior shirts are complete joke, we're talking about European football not American baseball…

  9. James McHugh


  10. Charley Johnson

    even bloody reebok at them god awful kits

  11. Charley Johnson

    even bloody reebok at them god awful kits

  12. Charley Johnson

    should of kept last years away kit utter disgrace them kits.

  13. Aditoff

    I thought last year’s purple and orange effort was bad but this takes the biscuit. The shirt revealed last week as the goalkeeper’s shirt, white with a black pinstripe was pretty good and a vast improvement on these two. Things are getting out of hand!

  14. Brn442

    The away shirt is sad, the 3rd is an abomination. Shame on you warrior. Whoever designed that is:

    On drugs


    Has no idea of the dignity of wearing a uniform in professional sports, including Lacrosse, and should be fired.

  15. John Carson

    Looks like something a jockey would wear

  16. Lopez Claudio

    Warrior the worst manufacturer of the worst football kits and jerseys ever.

  17. Tonesterwolf

    I’m all for experimenting with away kit designs and leaving the home shirts traditional but I can’t believe the away shirts Warrior churn out for Liverpool after IMHO 2 great looking home shirts !!

  18. Wardie

    The football equivalent of one of those fleeces with a wolf or horse in !!!

    What did the Dippers honestly expect when they signed up with the ‘power house’ kit designer Warrior

    There can be little pride in wearing a Liverpool shirt of late

    At least wearing this fans will raise a smile from everyone

    They’ll be hard pushes to even have these stolen from Liverpool City Centres Sports Direct

  19. Calvin Carson

    don't like the third one. mixing colours like that could be confusing.

  20. Denis Vellin

    Absolute rubbish, Liverpool go back to Adidas please. If not possible go to Umbro.

  21. Rooney Is Soooooo Ugly

    i said it before and ill say it again

    Warrior are the most rubbish kit manufacturer’s EVER . Gross kit after gross kit

    Anyone wearing either of these 2 will look stupid



  23. Sodje

    i’m i the only one who likes these kits???? They’re quirky and different. So left field like jose enrique

  24. Natasa Bedekovic

    a ne. ovo nisu oni iz shopa, ovo su orginalni noseni 🙂

  25. Matej Skurla

    hehe budemo se čuli.. Imam kolekciju jer sa svakog putovanja kupujem dresove lokalnih klubova kao suvenire.. Trenutno su mi turski najdraži:)

  26. D King

    The away is OK, but the 3rd is awful. It looks like it was designed by a child who was told to design a new shirt, and who had no knowledge that there design was for a football shirt, or what a football shirt was and anything about the history and traditions of Liverpool Football Club.

    This kit is not fit for Southport yet alone Liverpool.

  27. Natasa Bedekovic

    to je samo mali mali izbor onoga sto se skriva ispod mog kreveta i u mom podrumu…

  28. Toni SCP

    This shirt is really nice… if you live in 1996. The third looks a bit like a 3rd kit Real Madrid had in the late 90s.

  29. Denis

    Warrior = pants.

  30. Kevin Sloan

    are you sure? thought the 2nd and 3rd last year was bad, this is even worse!!

  31. Stephen Phillips

    Better than last years

  32. Matt Daug

    What… the… fuuuck were they thinking? How could this have honestly been given the green light by not just those at Warrior but anyone at Liverpool as well?! Truly astonishing, absolutely appalling, and simply shameful for the Premier League as a whole.

  33. Kermit

    Congratulations Warrior. You have managed to create the worst kit in the history of LFC.

  34. Matej Skurla

    omg :(((

  35. Sporran

    These are some rank bad kits, I thought this sort of shirt was put out of its misery in the 1990s!

  36. Yorkshireimp

    Truly awful, a club like Liverpool deserves something better than this.

  37. Eiki

    These are two of the worst shirts I have ever seen.

  38. Bob Clancey

    3rd would maybe be okay as a GK shirt, but still not exactly likeable.
    The away’s simply abysmal, mainly thanks to that ‘Atari air-strike’ pattern on the front.

  39. Kevin Sloan

    Oh dear………..

  40. Forest Fan Nick

    I hate Liverpool, and their fans, and the stupid way the media still portray them as some sort of English footballing power house… but even i have some sympathy for the people who will undoubtedly fork out £50 for this. This is truly outrageous

  41. David Cooper

    Absolutely awful Away & 3rd kits. Warrior should stick to Lacrosse.

  42. Ugle Shirt

    ugliest shirt ever!!
    what did they think?
    homless people wont weare it!!

  43. Herz.

    My eyes!!! Horrible kit!

  44. Ahmet B. Ateş

    Away kit is the worst kit of all time, not the Newcastle one.

  45. Vern Fonk

    Likely one of the worst kits ever to grace the premier league in the last 20 years.

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