Leaked: Manchester United Away Shirt 2011/12

The third leaked picture regarding a Nike shirt regards Premier League leaders Manchester United. Earlier on, we already revealed leaked pictures of Barcelona and Juventus 2011/12 away shirts.

The leaked picture presents a shirt which features a blue shirt with navy blue graphic hoops. The shirt has a round black collar with the Nike swoosh in white on the top right part of the chest and the club crest on the opposite left. AON, club sponsor has its logo on the front center part of the shirt.

The league leaders and Champions league semi-finalists have already had their home shirt leaked a few weeks ago which showed a traditional red shirt with a black and white collar which you can see here.

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  1. also interseting to see that the crest isnt on that shield thingy like it has been for the past couple of years… its abit different

  2. I’m not sure about this,if you look at the outline of the badge it’s different to the outline of the leaked home top which you wouldn’t find with a set of kits and this is a template from this season,they’d hardly give Man United an old template.

  3. blue MAN UTD kit … that shouldn’t happen … our colours are RED , WHITE and BLACK … NOT BLUE

  4. stephen, mid/dark blue has been a regular Utd away colour for decades. They wore it when they won the European Cup in 1968!

  5. I like this, but as a fan I will get the away kit anyway, no matter what it looks like, same with the home.

  6. @stephen; some of our best shirts in my opinion have been blue… i would prefer it abit more if it had a V neck…

  7. Steven: United’s first ever away kit was blue and white. Since the 40s they had solid blue change shirts, the only colour footage of the Busby Babes is of them in blue. The European Cup was won in 1968 by a United side wearing blue. It’s a traditional United colour.

  8. @Stephen hahahaha. And the number next to your post is Zabaleta’s short number from City’s home shirt with the European number. Lol. Ironic. And like everyone said before you, lots of united kits have been royal blue or a darker shade. And city have had red and black as away strips. It happens.

  9. Might sound like a strange question, but why is the nike tick inside the shirt so far down the back. I’m not convinced that this shirt is real, but if it is then it ain’t bad.

  10. jcd … Mb-MUFC … Tim … i know what your saying and it’s true but its just my opinion it would be better if a club stuck to it’s original colours which in our case is red , white and black .. and Corey haha it is ironic …

  11. stephen, we won our first european cup playing in blue and we have a big history of away kits being royal blue.

  12. Stephen: Like I said, blue is one of our original colours and the club is sticking with it. The first ever Manchester United away kit was blue and white. Even the first ever United home kit featured blue – the socks were black with a blue band.

    United’s first black away kit was only 18 years ago. Hardly traditional. United’s away colours have traditionally been white or blue (or both) since 1902.

  13. I hope this isn’t United’s away kit. Chelsea have just revealed their two tone blue home kit. Don’t want United bringing out the same kind of thing!

  14. Yet another kick in fans’ teeth by the ‘lovely ‘ and ‘caring’ american owners.
    Kit change number two for next year twelve months after the last change.
    No ‘change of shirt sponsor can be made this time!
    I take it that the plan to enforce no kit changes more regular than 2 years in the english leagues was ignored then!!!!!

  15. Kelbo: I’m no fan of the Glazers. The ticketing policies they’ve brought in at the club make me particularly angry. However, pretty much every club in the country brings out three new kits a year. United bring out two. Also, that is a policy implimented by Nike, not the club, not the Glazers.

    There was never a rule about kits having to last two years. Look at the likes of Spurs and Everton, who have been changing them anually for the best part of a decade.

  16. Tim, that may be true but it doesn’t make it right.
    This will be united Nineteenth kit change since Nike took over as shirt maufacturer in 2003

  17. I know it’s not right. I think they all should be kept for at least two years, but it was inevitable that once other clubs started changing every season, United would too. It not only rips off the more gullible fans, but means that the quality of the desing suffers. We end up with change for change sake and what are essentially disposable kits.

    On the (slightly) brighter side, in the period Nike/United have brought out 19 shirts, Everoton have brought out 30.

  18. what annoy me is Nike is getting lazy with there designs . the only real difference to our new home kit is the collar and they will charge £40 plus …

  19. People look at City’s new away kit and straight off think we’ve copied AC Milan they should look at yours!!
    U modified the Inter strips to make them horizontal and then added that scummy crest on it!

  20. I just man Utd would start having more colours in their ranges, like to see yellow and green make a comeback.

  21. it,s good to try..will champions if once again go to final champions league use away kits,2 time use away white kits runner up only,like a inter milan

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