(Updated) Leaked: Olympique Marseille Adidas Third Shirt 2012/13

Updated: Better pictures of shirt added

Here is a leaked picture showing the new Olympique de Marseille adidas third shirt for 2012/13.

Currently managed by France legend Didier Deschamps, Marseille find themselves in 10th place in the French Ligue 1 with 44 points from 35 matches played so far.

The club’s new third shirt, as can be seen in the picture above will be mainly black with bright orange detail. It has a round orange collar with the adidas 3-stripes in orange ont he shoulders and sleeves. Furthermore, the shirt can also be worn reversed as can be seen in the below picture.

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  1. This seems too ‘reserved’ to be a Marseille alternate kit when compared to past few seasons. Nice kit, sponsor looks too simple though. Bring on the Orange shorts!

  2. That is a a fake

    It is the adidas teamwear template from two seasons back

  3. That´s real, but the color is black/orange and you can turn it arround to the orrange side.

  4. Not bad, but what it really needs is the trefoil logo. In fact all adidas shirts need the trefoil logo.

  5. Way too normal to be an OM 3rd shirt.

    What it really needs is some 3D action, like Lyon’s circus kit, and some LED lights on the shoulder stripes.

  6. Shouldn’t be fake since inter sport is their new main sponsor but it could be training kit. Either way fine by me since I like simple kits too. One of my favorite OM 3rd kits were from 08/09 which was simple without weird design too.

  7. I’d say is pretty classy though, to make it even better, might just use the trefoil logo as Flicktokick said

  8. personally whether it’s the actual kit or not i kinda like it….the orange gives a great taste to the kit!!!

  9. I think it looks nice, better than the OTT dross of the past few seasons.

  10. I hope that's a fake shirt. After all those nice efforts from Adidas, a plain shirt such as this is a complete disappointment. Better than current strange stripped orange though.

  11. Lyon get a 3D kit. Marseille get this? I thought they’d have a Panini “glittery” sticker style shirt, or a GlobalHyperColor style shirt! This just isn’t Marseille.

  12. Have you seem the new home shirt of theirs revealed today?It’s NOT Marseille.

  13. @Jarkko – I think it looks like the template Kappa put in for the kits of Fulham, Portsmouth, AS Roma and Wycombe Wanderers. That’s my opinion.

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