Poland Away Shirt Euro 2012

Poland Away Shirt Euro 2012

Poland Away Shirt Euro 2012

Here is a picture showing the new Poland Nike Away shirt for the upcoming Euro 2012 championship.

Together with Ukraine, Poland will be hosting the European tournament and have thus automatically qualified for the competition. Poland and Ukraine managed to defeat other shortlisted bids to host the tournament including bids from Italy and Croatia/Hungary. This will be the third time that the European Championship will be hosted by two different countries, following the Belgium/Netherlands Euro 2000 and Austria/Switzerland Euro 2008.

The new Polish away shirt is mainly red with a white horizontal band running across the center part of the shirt, with the Nike logo in red on the top right part of the chest and the Polish FA badge on the opposite side. (Due to fan pressure the Eagle will now return to the kit instead of the logo over the players chest, so look out for that change when they are worn. Thanks to Stolar for letting us know!)

Posted on November 22, 2011

Comments on “Poland Away Shirt Euro 2012”

  1. Matxi

    By the way, the eagle will be back on the shirts on both home and away kit.
    It will be placed centrally between the Nike logo and the logo invented by the FA (the mix of eagle, ribbon and ball shaped object).

  2. Matxi

    @ Bren333:
    Poland’s 1st kit is white shirt / red shorts / white socks. 2nd is all red. Officially the 3rd kit is blue, but it is hardly ever used. More frequent are combinations as red/white/red or all white.
    I guess the thing that Poland plays at home in the away kit (against England for example) is an agreement between the FA’s. Polish FA sometimes seems to be too “generous” for bigger opponents (England, Italy etc.)

  3. Tomek

    I like this a lot, even without the polish eagle. Does anyone know when this is going to be available to buy, do I have to wait until next summer? 🙁

  4. Bren333

    Poland’s home/away arrangements have always puzzled me. Supposedly they wear white shirts and red shorts at home, yet I’ve often seen them revert to all red when England and other teams visit.

    Russia are similarly undecided. As the USSR they used to wear all white in most games yet their official home shirt was red. And when they played Poland? You guessed: Russia wore white, Poland wore red. Very odd.

  5. Bonzo

    It’s away. 100%.

  6. Fotheringham

    Jakko dont know what you think this is made out of mate, Ive never had a footy shirt that needes ironing!

    Why dont they play in white anymore?

  7. Jarkko

    This is awful, not liking this whole ironed on look that nike are pushing.

  8. Shakkatum

    is this the home? so a RED home shirt? thats a HUGE tradition break

  9. Kurt Cobain

    Eagle or no eagle, that’s ugly.


    cool a lot better than the last world cup design
    dunno about the new badge though

  11. Admin

    article now updated with the red away shirt 😀

  12. Admin

    yes our mistake, sorry!

  13. Stolar

    And this is officially said now – the eangle is coming back on player’s chests insteed of this funny logo. I think it’s quite important news for you to add on this site 😉

  14. Polak

    This is Home shirt 🙂

  15. MCFC2393

    Here we go Poland will just do what norway did boycott it for a eagle design i wont be surprised if czech republic did the same

  16. Stolar

    This shirt was said to be the home one, away should be the red one, isn’t that so? Is that your mistake or sth changed?
    And btw the logo of Polish FA badge will be probably soon rechange into Polish eagle with crown. IF it won’t happen, this team will be boycott by Polish fans.

  17. Daniel Faraday

    Is this not the home shirt? And it’s hardly leaked when pictures of players wearing were released the other week!

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