Leaked: Possible Real Madrid Home Shirt 2013/14

Leaked: Possible Real Madrid Home Shirt 2013/14

Leaked: Possible Real Madrid Home Shirt 2013/14

We kick-off the new year with a leaked picture showing what could possibly be Real Madrid’s new home shirt for the 2013/14 season.

Jose Mourinho is not enjoying the best of seasons with Real Madrid as the Spanish giants are currently in third place in La Liga,  16 points behind league leaders Barcelona.

Should this leaked picture be confirmed, the new Real Madrid home shirt will be the traditional white shirt with orange and black / purple detail. Fly Emirates will be the club’s new shirt sponsor as from next season as Bwin’s contract runs out in June 2013.

Posted on January 01, 2013

Comments on “Leaked: Possible Real Madrid Home Shirt 2013/14”

  1. Lee Beavis

    Completely real, we got the things in our delivery in the sport store I work in, it's. a horrible shirt in reality let alone pictures

  2. Muhammad Aditya Pratama

    its not real madrid home kit, but its ac milan away kit.

  3. Berto Gil

    Perfect… Horrible kit for a horribly run football club..

  4. Mr.Robson

    I’d like it if the went back to purple trim,this is a mess this kit

  5. Mark Stevart

    put a leakd picture of the away up please.

  6. Jakey12

    You can tell it’s a fake because when I asked for a Real Madrid jersey I ended up with a fake!
    And also you can notice that there are some red stripes, why would Real Madrid have red on any of there home shirts, they have had at least only 1 red kit!
    Aside from all of that you can notice there is no clima cool logo or even a techfit logo either.

  7. Northernhorn

    Its more strange because from what I know, Real Madrid are disliked because they was a favorate of Franco so going back to the republican flag seems not fitting for Real.
    I suppose it could be them having a go at the likes of Barca for showing the Catalan flag type trims on their kits.

  8. Creussner

    dammit. i hate roundish collars.

  9. Lopez Claudio

    Mate you know what, you are the specialist to spot FAKE!!!

  10. Lopez Claudio

    Mate you know what, you are the specialist to spot FAKE!!!

  11. Pro Football Store.co.uk

    I can't imagine Real Madrid wearing this shirt next season!

  12. Mitchivic

    that’s exactly what i was thinking northernhorn unbelievable that they could put that on the shirt!

  13. Northernhorn

    Is that not a pre-Franco Red, yellow and purple Spanish flag for the trim?

  14. Lopez Claudio

    tricolores linings on collar and sleeves make it a Germanized version LOL.

  15. Khaleed A Shehu

    New Real madrid. Jersey

  16. MaximaREALfan

    Its bad and ugly at all dis is not beautiful

  17. Abdul-rahman Muhammad

    Potencially good.

  18. Ian Koh

    The inside tag on the shirt is a dead give-away that this is a cheap far-east imitation as the Adidas tag used are found on ALL imitations across Asia.

  19. RooneyFan(Parker)MessiSucks

    the lighting in this picture is awful so the shirt looks bad

  20. FCB

    Jebus: Hamburg and Arsenal, are you okay? 😀

  21. FCB

    I guess away kit will be black again?

  22. Corey

    ARSENAL?! Win the league?! Are you nuts!! Hahahahahahaha

  23. Jebus

    Next season we could potentially have the 5 strongest leagues in Europe all won by teams sponsored by Emirates Airlines. (Arsenal, PSG, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Hamburg) I wonder what odds you’d get on that?

  24. Changeme

    To me this looks more like something Hamburg would wear. But it isn’t easy to do something imaginative with a plain white kit.

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