Linfield Away shirt 09/10

Irish side Linfield have revealed their new away shirt that the team will wear next season. The shirt is made by Umbro.

The shirt, as modeled by the team and local model Lucy Evangelista, is mostly White. There is blue pinstripes running across the shirt. The collar is red, white and clue and the bottom of the shirt also has red piping. The club badge is on the left of the shirt and the makers have their logo on the right of the shirt and as they are also club sponsors, they have their name written across the shirt. The shirt will be worn with blue shorts and white socks.

Linfield will launch their new away kit at midnight on Friday May 22nd at the Windsor Park Superstore. To read more about events that day, including fashion shows and 5-a-side football, click here. To see more pictures of the new kit, click here.

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  1. i much prefer the ladies shorts in the first picture… can’t imagine they’d be very popular if the men had them on!?

  2. the kit is made sooo much better when that fit girl has it on top marks to linfield for using that model 😀

  3. What a time to release a new kit. William Murphy is in Spanish custody and Glenn Ferguson has been released by the club. And they are both in the 3rd photo.

  4. really like the 80s detailing…

    not knowing any of those people mentioned above id hazard a guess number 5 is in spanish custody and 6 has been released… am i right?!

  5. That kid all the way to the left holding her feet must have a boner popped right there.

  6. alan

    from left to right.

    the guy who is third inline with the linfield badge on her shorts is the one in a spanish jail. and the guy 2nd from right inline with the umbro badge on her shirt is the one who was justy released. (hes also turning 40 in july)

  7. Watford Boy, it might be a horrible kit….

    …but you would, wouldn’t ya’!!!

  8. Tomandowski Linfield are the biggest and most successful club in all of Ireland.

    I really like the new kit. Looks alot better when you see it up close.

    However Lucy looks very well in it. She modelled last season kit and the pictures where even better!!

  9. when the fuck did linfield become the most successful team in ireland the ucd team of last year would hammer them………………….. ucd is dublin university just in case u didnt know

  10. I know fine well who UCD are. Linfield have won the most domestic titles, bar rangers, in Britain. Last season was a poor season, but we’ll be back next season.

  11. Mannnnn she is Very nice well done linfield. not a bad kit either considerin i neva heard of linfield (p.s whats that models name :p)

  12. positives- nice kit

    negatives- 1) who the hell are linfield?
    2) what the f**k is up with the model? PUT SOME SHORTS ON!

  13. linfield are the second most successful club in Britain!!!!! Rangers are the first 😀

    blues brothers 😛 we are the people!!!

  14. Another year, another Linfield top with Lucy, ahem, modelling it. Not as good as last years photos though.

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