Liverpool Away Shirt 09/10 Leak

Liverpool Away Shirt 09/10 Leak

Liverpool Away Shirt 09/10 Leak

The first leaked pictures of Liverpool’s away shirt for next season are starting to come out. This one appears to be a picture of a sample of the shirt but it does show that the shirt will probably be mostly black with gold detailing.

First Photo of 2009/10 Away

First Photo of 2009/10 Away

This picture came from a Liverpool fan forum and shows that the Badge will be on the left of the shirt and the makers, Adidas, will have their logo in the top centro of the chest in gold. The sponsors, Carlsberg, will have their name also in gold.

This is a leaked picture and it is probably the first of many leaked pictures. It is unknown when or if this shirt will be released.

Posted on January 27, 2009

Comments on “Liverpool Away shirt 09/10 Leak”

  1. Andrew

    the color code is not shirt black most shirt blacks are a light black

  2. Steve Mcmanaman

    come to al- amin masjid in chapeltown and please go to stanley park we need your support

  3. Rohan

    Its not bad but i think its better than last years away kit.Youll never walk alone.

  4. Bahra

    this is not next seasons away kit i already own this jersey its a training kit

  5. Adrain Ferguson

    i Love the new away kit…… wish they back to retro Liver bird. NIce in long sleeve. im an egg player but liverpool in my heart

  6. Danny

    this seasons away kit is the keeper kit from hillsbourgh

  7. I Love Liverpool :)

    i love this shirt so much, im going to get it as soon as it comes out:)

  8. Zak

    that is well orsum
    im getting that with torres or gerrard on it
    what a bessy
    love it

  9. Jack

    Much better than the hideous grey effort they’ve got this season. Also, maybe they should bring back the old “Liverbird” crest with LFC under it to replace the YNWA badge they’ve been using since the late 80s (?). Liverpool always have the Liver Bird on the their shirts when they play cup finals so why not bring it back full time?

  10. Lfcredsrule

    that is well nice!!

    definetely gettin that with gerrard on!!

  11. Babab

    what man utd home shirt? they dont have one this season yess?

  12. CW

    Looks good but would look even better with the old liver bird badge.

  13. Danske

    He’s right, it looks to be very dark blue.

    That’s why the picture has a colortone card laid on top – so that you can see the difference between true black and the shirt’s color.

  14. Yeo_lfc

    my boss owns a jersey store and did mention to me (since i am a huge liverpool fan) that he in fact saw either the away or euro away while he was at adidas the other day, but did say that it was black and gold. so i believe that this is real and not fake,

  15. M.

    Black? Looks like navy blue from here.

  16. Rangers Fan

    i like this kit but i hate the new man utd home kit

  17. Miko

    I am happy with any Liverpool kit that doesn’t have Carlsberg in green. It will also be nice to see Liverpool wear an away kit they advertise for once, seen more of the euro away then the grey one!

  18. Bob

    Seems like Liverpool’s kits are either beautiful or horrendous. Last year’s away shirt – beautiful. This year’s away shirt – horrendous. Next year’s away shirt – if it’s what that mock-up looked like, beautiful.

  19. Mb-MUFC

    it’s good…..

    better than this seasons

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