Liverpool FC 2013/14 Warrior Home Shirt

Liverpool FC 2013/14 Warrior Home Shirt

Liverpool FC 2013/14 Warrior Home Shirt

Liverpool FC is an English football club which was founded in 1892. The club had a glorious history which its supporters regularly flaunt, but have lost much of their class in recent decades. The last time Liverpool were crowned champions of England was in 1989/90, before the Barclays Premier League was set up. They won a total of 18 titles, one less than their arch-rivals Manchester United, which in contrast have won the Barclays Premier League title 12 times since it was set up and in total won 19 league titles. Despite their staunch rivalry with the latter, there is no denying that Manchester United have by far been superior in the past two decades.


This is the shirt that Liverpool will wear during the 2013/14 campaign in the Premier League. The new home shirt has a plain red look, apart from white stripes on the central part of the collar and on the sleeve hems. The logos of sponsors Standard Chartered and manufacturer Warrior appear on the body in gold.

Posted on March 19, 2013

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  1. Joshua Dalglish Rothwell-poole


  2. Brandon Manutd Hogg what that then nobhead xD

  3. Leon Bethell

    liverpool are due to launch there new kit on the 2nd of may check out there website

  4. Bobby V Casserley

    This has to be the worst Liverpool kit I have ever seen….

  5. Michael Higginbottom

    Don't no why this has come up with Amanda's Facebook it's meeeee

  6. Amanda McDonald

    Who ever thinks this is the kit your all planks we are not getting a new home kit it's the same one we have now, why? Because its the law no team can have a new home kit for one season it's two at the least, away kits no probs the can change them every year…

  7. Martin Griffiths

    what a shit shirt

  8. Adam Evans

    micheal owens its not a fake you div your the one who's going to be looking like a dick when they release this shirt. hahahahhaha mong

  9. Waleed Squall Leonhart

    Hmmmm bro, im a Madridista πŸ˜‰ but this shirt is not bad πŸ˜‰

  10. Waleed Squall Leonhart

    Hmmmm bro, im a Madridista πŸ˜‰ but this shirt is not bad πŸ˜‰

  11. Rosemarie Delgado

    take care always tracy

  12. Adam Garnett

    how do you know its fake, why do you keep blowing a nut over it you retard.

  13. Tracy Alan Bridle

    wHO yOU cAllinG a diCk yOU pOor eXCUSe fOR aN aFter biRtH :O

  14. Frank Gamble

    Its people's opinions, don't be so abusive. Anyway Michael, I thought you were retiring.

  15. SkyBluePhoenix

    Arsenal have always used a two season policy (including the current kit) apart from last seasons as it was an anniversary shirt, and 2006 as it was to commemorate the last season at Highbury. Man Utd used the same policy up until 2010 for some reason. They also both keep away kits for two season, making the previous seasons away the third for the next. I know Liverpool did the same with Adidas but was unsure as to whether the policy had remained with Warrior. Seems one-season kits are becoming an annoying trend these days.

  16. Michael Owens


  17. Michael Owens

    ITS A FAAAAAAKE! FFS. Are you people thick?

  18. Michael Owens

    It's a fake you dick.

  19. Tracy Alan Bridle

    absolute shite stay with current kit ffs this is crap we need yellow kit back for away too.

  20. Rooney Is Soooo Ugly

    this is my 3rd time coming back here for another look … its not getting any better . its freaking awful – like all of this years kits

  21. Frank Gamble

    Look at the 76-82 shirt. a thing of beauty and simplicity. Use that as your template and don't stray too far.

  22. Jordan Gamble

    I like it me, think I might like it better than this seasons

  23. Frank Gamble

    If this is the shirt, then don't rate it. The collar and neck are neither one thing or the other.

  24. FP14

    what are people expecting from kits these days? there is so much criticism.
    the current liverpool home shirt is the best they’ve had in years and this new one isn’t too bad. the stripe detail on the collar should go all the way around IMO. it seems like warrior are trying to imitate the 70s/80s liverpool kits and doing lright so far. but when it comes to the away shirts… they are absolutely awful

  25. Mambojambo

    I give credit to LFC for going with a lesser known brand. This is a good effort although the white bit on the collar should contiue right around the neckline.

    I bet the quality of Warrior strips is on a par with the so-called bigger brands anyway. Why not embrace its uniqueness?

  26. Anakin Lee

    but how do u its fake?

  27. LAN

    The collar might take a bit of getting used to but apart from that I think it looks ok. Warrior are taking a lot of unfair stick in my opinion.

  28. Andreina

    Why are people bashing this year’s kit? It’s freaking class, simple and comfortable. I live in the tropic where temperatures average 30ΒΊC and the Warrior kit feels extremely fresh while the last Adidas one (home kit) retains the heat. The shirt’s confection and quality was something I didn’t expect from Warrior, and gotta give them credit for that. Also, I’d rather have a plain red shirt than a picnic tablecloth one.

    This one’s not my favorite but I think there’s some time until the official design is announced. I would’ve liked LFC to keep the 2 year home kit policy but you can tell it’s gone when at mid season they’re already offering the home kit on discount prices.

  29. John Francis

    What do people expect from the reds home shirt? I love when a simple design comes out and people say it's shit and then two years later a similar simple shirt comes out and they love it. As long as it doesn't have tassels hanging from it, it'll look good on the pitch

  30. Noel Dunlea

    Not bad . The collars weird though. Is it a round collar trying to be a v neck collar or vice versa. Hmmm.

  31. Charley Johnson

    hope that is the kit in the pic

  32. D King

    Oh dear. Liverpool are a big global club and thus Warrior should be making shirts that look good so that people around the World will buy it as leasurewear, as Barcelona shirts are sold globally.


  33. Vern Fonk

    This is actually worse than the current shirt. Hard to imagine.

  34. Michael Owens

    You're going to buy a fake top?

  35. Charley Johnson

    will be buying no matter.

  36. Alf Stewart

    Wow, such a difference from this seasons eh?

  37. Michael Owens

    Fuck off you Manc Scum – support your local team? Where are you from? Definately not fucking manchester.

  38. Michael Owens

    Neither, its fake.

  39. Brn442

    Indeed SI — Considering the amount of money Warrior paid for the Liverpool account, I’m sure LFC’s two year home shirt policy is long gone.

  40. Michael Owens

    Another shit fake. Another way to get people to footballshirts. Fuck off.

  41. Kopite

    Looks like a fake but a few changes could be made so it can look better:

    Make the collar a full V-neck instead of that naff half moon.

    Change the sponsor to white to match the sleeves and collar.

    If Warrior are serious about this whole going big on tradition which I seriously doubt they are then replicating the 1982-85 home shirt design isn’t a bad way to go

  42. Si

    Why a new kit after only one season with the previous one? At least Arsenal and Man Utd keep theirs for two seasons. Design isn’t too bad, they may be going for a retro feel, but the whole thing would sit better if all the details were white.

    I can’t recall the last time Man Utd and Arsenal kept the same home kit for more than one season, Liverpool did previously with Reebok and Adidas always have a two season home kit policy however don’t forget however naff people think Warrior are at present this is the biggest financial kit deal in the Premier League so perhaps that has changed, It is not great but have seen worse.

  43. Zanz Kedah

    Too simple and not very nice.Only this design Warrior can make it.

  44. Bill D

    I like how Liverpool have brought back their 70s badge, with the gold trim and all. Warrior are doing very well for Liverpool.

  45. Kermit

    I agree with the comments above regarding changing the shirt print to white.
    Red & Yellow (gold) has been done already thanks.

  46. IKnowWhatYouDidLastSeason

    This is what happens when you let a rubbish an unknown kit manufacturer in warrior produce kits like this. Nike and Adidas are the only good ones. Puma only looks good on Italy. That is all.

  47. Zizzi

    Also this has to be fake. Liverpool have a 2 season home kit policy.

  48. Zizzi

    How anti Liverpool is your writeup? The club had a glorious history which its supporters regularly flaunt, but have lost much of their class in recent decades. Don’t let your dislike of Liverpool get in the way of history.

  49. SkyBluePhoenix

    Why a new kit after only one season with the previous one? At least Arsenal and Man Utd keep theirs for two seasons. Design isn’t too bad, they may be going for a retro feel, but the whole thing would sit better if all the details were white.

  50. Duffman

    Clearly fake. The sponsor’s lopsided for Christ’s sake.

  51. Saggers

    The best thing warrior have done so far is reintroduce the simple classy liverbird logo. the old one with the green and the gates and the beacons was a total mess. well done warrior for this – would have been even better if the liverbird was white instead of yellow?

  52. Matt

    I quite like it to be honest.

  53. Ehsan United

    Warrior football shirts are horrible…its just a normal T-Shirt with LFC badge

  54. David Nalbandyan

    it's shit

  55. Brett Clarke

    http:[email protected]/8555860315/lightbox/

  56. Hellasleaf

    It’s kind of subtle actually. This is one that will look better on the players. I like the white trim.

  57. Greig Campbell

    Can't see it being genuine. The sponsors name isn't prominent enough… Smaller and narrower than on our current kit, very much doubt they would have agreed to that.

  58. Hamza El Gehani

    Man Utd 2011/2012.

  59. Djoko Dermanto

    is this official already? or leaked

  60. Batista

    I knew it that Warrior will produce sh***y shirts!! Just stick to hockey and lacrosse!

  61. Stevie G

    ps . get rid off the stupid yellow crest and sponsor – it makes our players look soft and girlish

  62. Stevie G

    as a liverpool fan … i must say – warrior are a disgrace . an absolute flippin disgrace .

    ALL the kits this season are revolting , especially the away . I usually buy all kits but not this season . And not next season by the looks of that

    Liverpool must be missing out on sales with these sick kits

    Sack Rodgers – then dump warrior – 2 best things a liverpool fan can hope for

  63. United!!!

    now it really looks like some normal t-shirt

  64. Brn442

    Not a bad 2nd effort by Warrior. Parhaps the partial white on the neckline was meant to be cheeky but I haven’t warmed up to it. If the trim is white, why aren’t the crest and sponsors too?

  65. Rooney Is Soooo Ugly

    warrior are shiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttteeee !!!!!
    even nike do better stuff than warrior

  66. Grant Hodgkins

    shite shirt

  67. Grant Hodgkins


  68. Steven


  69. Hammer91

    Pretending to be Man Utd from a couple of years back with this shirt.

  70. Vern Fonk

    Mwahahahahaha! That is worse than this years effort. Hah scousers.

  71. Northernhorn

    yeah it looks…lovely.
    Narh, who am I trying to kid.

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