Liverpool To Have Charity Sponsor Logo For Final Home Game 11/12

Liverpool To Have Charity Sponsor Logo For Final Home Game 11/12

Liverpool To Have Charity Sponsor Logo For Final Home Game 11/12

league Cup winners and FA Cup finalists Liverpool FC will be using a new logo on their shirts for the final home game of the season against Chelsea on the 8th of may, to help raise awareness about avoidance of blindness.

Replacing the usual Standard Chartered logo will be ‘Seeing is Believing’ – the main sponsor’s global initiative that raises funds to tackle avoidable blindness in developing countries. Seeing is Believing has raised over $40 million with an ambition to raise $100 million by 2020.

Fans can also win or bid for one of these limited edition shirts and all proceeds will go to Seeing is Believing. Standard Chartered also matches every donation so the winning bids will go even further to helping people to see.

find out how to enter here. To read more, click here.


Posted on May 07, 2012

Comments on “Liverpool To Have Charity Sponsor Logo for Final Home Game 11/12”

  1. RULAS

    @God.. You’re craap cos you don’t even exist..

  2. Nick Diggin

    nice to see the pool believing in united.

  3. Rick

    @greg they might be in partnership but why only now is StanChart giving it to SIB. Look at the timing

  4. El Patriato

    lol @god yeah the filterin thing has constrained my head to use more appropriate words!!… be frank liverpool has been sh!!t all season long but there’s always next season but this time without adidas!

  5. SkyBluePhoenix

    @Jarkko. White and grey are pretty common colours and contrast well on white. I think you’re seeing conspiracies where there are none.

  6. God

    What? It filters craap? That’s a bit… well, craap…

  7. God

    “League cup winners and FA cup finalists” is that because saying “team who spent a shedload of money yet still can’t get into the top 8” makes them sound a bit crap?

  8. Teri Begley Weida

    nice move LFC. Class act as always.

  9. Greg

    @rick, wrong…

    “Seeing is Believing (SiB) is a global initiative to tackle avoidable blindness. SiB is a partnership between Standard Chartered Bank PLC and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) (registered charity, No. 110059)”

  10. Mike Harman

    Was this sorted out before or after the fa cup final? If after, is it a slur against the match officials? Lol

  11. Rick

    Standard Chartered does not want to be associated with Liverpool FC anymore. They are not in the top 5 for the past 2 years excluding this year as predicted by Stanchart during negotiations. Not to mention European Football. What better way to distance themsleves from LFC by “Donating” their shirt sponsorship to “Seeing is Believing” when they could have done that without sponsoring LFC in the first place. A good way to keep suspicions of the sudden generosity from being mentioned. Good PR handling.

  12. Jwoods

    standard chartered created seeing is believeing i think, they work along side it anyway

  13. Jarkko

    Meant the same colours*

  14. Jarkko

    Any reason the charity sponsor is the same as Standard Chartered? Did they have a say in it at all?

  15. George Lazenby 007

    good for them.respect for being charitable

  16. Abdul Hakim

    seeing is believing~~.

  17. Richhhhh

    Wow, Liverpool have been awful this season, but fair play to them for this. They could do with good publicity after this season

  18. West Sydney Will Rise

    last adidas game before the warriors jump in

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