Official: Manchester United sign massive £750m 10-year Adidas deal

Manchester United have agreed a massive £75m per annum kit manufacturing deal with Adidas. The deal will surpass any previous one in the history of football, and also more than doubling the current £31m that Adidas pay to the top earners Real Madrid.

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Nike pulled out of negotiations even though they had a clause in their contract saying that they can match any other amount offered by another brand. Adidas have also beaten the competition coming from US brand Warrior, which manufactures the kits of archrivals Liverpool, as well as reported interest from Under Armour. Nike will continue to have their Swoosh logo on the kits of United for the 2014/15 season, and the Adidas deal will kick off for the 2015/16 season.

The length of the agreement between Manchester United and Adidas is for 10 years with the Red Devils set to pocket £750m from Adidas over the coming decade. It is a massive financial boost for Manchester United, having missed out on European competitions. The 2014/15 Premier League teams wearing Adidas will be Chelsea, Sunderland, Swansea, West Brom, West Ham and Hull City.

Official Announcement

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  1. That’s now a debt free club, watch you uber rich Sheikes & Oligarchs United are on a level playing field!

  2. Thats awesome news!!! Cant wait to go back to the old 80s with 3 stripes down the sleeves. They got great training kit and leisure wear too

    Things are looking up at united… finally

  3. Now would be a good time to update our cartoon crest and reintroduce the words ‘football club’ onto it, as was promised by the board a few years back. New kit manufacturer… New crest.

  4. Thats how you make real money to pay for top players legitimately, take note Sh1ty and Chelski

  5. So the Glazers ow £750m on UTD debt, and now in 1 foul swoop of a Germans pen £750m comes in and UTD are now debt free, but 10X more profitable than before the Glazers who were producing so much more revenue to pay off high debts.

    Watch out everyone UTD will be able to make £80m summer singings every year now

  6. An obscene amount of money. The rich keep on getting richer, but Man U fans don’t care – as long as they’re ok.

  7. Oh these comments make me laugh, especially regarding the money that City and Chelsea have.

    Let’s have a look at the figures:

    Roman Abramovich estimated net worth = £8.3bn
    Sheikh Mansour estimated net worth = £20bn.
    Adidas kit deal = £750m (for 10 year)

    See that little ‘bn’ – that BILLIONs, not millions. I bet they’re bricking the thought of United having a bit of extra money hahahaha.

  8. @ Cal Your missing the point, man u are making money to compete with these vain egotistical wealthy owners organically, some things those teams could never achieve without behaving like a rich mans trophy wife.

    Also those men maybe worth multiple billions but that is split across many interest and assets, they don’t represent their football clubs true wealth, nor would financial fair play allow them to spend such money they haven’t generate through their revenue.

    UTD are wearing a shirt that generates 145 million a season between chevy and adidas for 10 years.

  9. @ Carl

    £145 a season just from the shirt !!!! not counting the addition football and tv income.

    that could buy 2 £70m+ signings like Ronaldo or Bale or Neymar every season

    This is a game changer for man u in the transfer market, they could have a team of galacticos in 10 years

  10. @10 – Why would Bale, Naymar or Ronaldo come to a club not playing in Europe or only in the Europa League at best come 2015/16. You can dress up the team as much as you want and point top the fact that Vidal or Robben is getting signed, the fact is as it stands the defence next season is Rafael/Evans/Smalling/Shaw… They’ll need to score three each game just to be in with a shout of getting a point

  11. @11 I’m no United fan, but you’re missing the long view. This money is going to get spent, and in a matter of a few years your concern will be all but moot. I say we all enjoy the downtrodden United while it lasts, because it won’t be for long.

  12. @11 – I remember Leeds United fans saying the same thing over 10 years ago. Just a shame they didn’t keep Sir David Moyes on for a bit longer!

  13. @8 – Cal, don’t forget the fair spend rules have come into play, Man United can spend every penny of their income on players & not be concerned about the financial restraints that City & Chelsea have.

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