Manchester City Launch 2023/24 Puma Home Kit

In 2003, Manchester City made the historic decision to move in to their current home ground of Etihad Stadium. It marked the end of their 80-year stay in Maine Road, though looking back it arguably paved the way to the current success and dominance of the Cityzens especially in the Premier League. Manchester City launch their 2023/24 Puma home kit with the idea of paying tribute to the house of the present kings of English top flight.

To represent the Etihad Stadium on the shirt, Puma applies a vertical tonal striping pattern (with each further broken down and comprised by horizontal pinstripes). All in all, the graphic is meant to symbolise the four giant turrets seen on the outside of the landmark. In relation to this theme, a dual striping in sky blue adorns the white v-collar.

The striping formation actually goes into four. But because of the proximity of the two on the middle, it gives of an impression of a wide faded band right down the centre, flanked then by relatively narrow ones. Signing off the shirt inside below the back collar is a small silhouette logo of the source-inspiration, underlined by a lettering of the area’s postcode.



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