Middlesbrough Home Shirt 2011/12

Championship side Middlesbrough today have launched their new Adidas 2011/12 home shirt. The club announced that the team will be wearing the new home strip for this Saturday’s final game against Doncaster.

Apparently, front and centre in the promo shot of the new home kit is Rhys Williams who is currently the subject of a £3m offer from Bolton Wanderers.

The shirt features a retro-style and is mainly red with the upper part of the chest being white, with a round red collar. The traditional adidas stripes are featured in red on the shoulders and sleeves. Ramsdens, club sponsors, have their logo featured on the front center part of the shirt.

Thanks to Nick for sharing!

Source (Club Official Website)

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  1. I loved Boro’s Home shirt this season, but Ramsdens ruined the kit. The same gash sponsor remains and now the template is gash too!

  2. I agree with nick!
    A nice top but ruined by ramsdens garish green sponsership.if ramsdens git rid of the green background and stuck with the white writing this would be an awesome strip but i guess as wuth everything money talks more than fans

  3. Sponsor ruins it massively.
    Looks like a welsh rugby shirt, now.

    I think the whole stuff looks not very “middlesbrough-ish”

  4. Now we know what Arsenal’s kit would look like if they signed a deal with Addidas. Middlesbrough should have a white band on the chest.

  5. Im a Sunderland fan but I think this is pretty smart for a boro shirt!!

  6. It looks too much like a standard template you could find in a catalog and superimpose your Sunday league team’s badge onto

  7. > i like it but yes a bit rugbyish and sponsor ruins it sadly
    prob look better in full kit with league shoulder patches on it too

  8. Ignoring the sponsor, I like it. Doesn’t come anywhere near the last one though.

  9. I agree about the sponsor but their mark is green and green is what they are giving Boro, and when you are a struggling Championship Club, every bit counts.

  10. It’s not about football anymore.

    Sponsors should only be allowed to put their logo on a shirt if it compliments the clubs colours. I thought the clubs traditions were the most important thing. But, it seems that money is the most important thing in football these days, even if it means putting the sponsors logo in a clashing colour.

  11. JP, do you change who you support each season based on whose kits you like?

  12. …”George Lazenby 007 posted:
    looks cheap and tacky…so perfect for MiddlesboROUGH then”…

    Have you ever visited? Or do you just watch too much TV? Gimp.

  13. ^i drove through on te way to newcastle and have to say middlesboro is an absolute sh1thole

  14. ^I abbreviated it to Middlesboro instead of Middlesbrough.i’m hardly illeterate(I’m not from MIddlesbROUGH) no need to be a grammar Naz!.

  15. Haha, reading back through this we both look sad. Just a little Northern banter pal.

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