Puma Reveals AC Milan and Borussia Dortmund 2022/23 Fourth Kits

We’ve seen Nike launch fourth kits this year with PSG’s Jordan and Barca’s Senyera. With Puma having two of the most prestigious football clubs in AC Milan and Borussia Dortmund, it’s the Wildcat brand’s turn to reveal its own set of fourth jerseys. Just last week, the Black and Yellows of Bundesliga have worn their 22/23 Special blackout kit. Now, it’s the Red and Blacks from Serie A who have proudly presented their fourth kit of the season…

Dortumund’s Kohle + Stahl Sondertrikot

Borussia Dortmund’s 22/23 special blackout kit is inspired by the coal mining and steel industries so prevalent in the Ruhr region during the previous centuries. You can clearly see the influence with the base on itself plus the font and graphic used for the names, numbers and logos. As an added touch, a tonal pattern depicting the map of the city appears all over the shirt.

Coal and steel are gone, but their unifying element, the embers, will never fade.

-BVB, 2023

Milan’s Koche Fourth

AC Milan partners with fashion brand Koche to reimagine the traditional red and black home jersey. With this in mind, Koche gets its inspiration from the early 8-bit format of the digital world. The red stripes in particular leave a glitch-like trail angled towards the bottom left hand corner, before somewhat showing a digital disintegration towards the top to reveal more of the shirt’s black part.

Pixels are the atoms of digital images. They can be reminiscent of 8-bit games, nostalgic early internet graphics and take a contemporary form in the shape of Crypto punks, which are at the center of pop culture today. The idea behind the jersey print is to bend the pixels in a perspective that will pay tribute to the iconic stripes, but at the same time decompose the pixels to blend into the black of the jersey to create a stylized digital look and feel.

-Marco Mueller, PUMA Senior Head of Product Line Management Apparel Licensed

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