MLS All-Star 2011 Shirt

MLS All-Star 2011 Shirt

MLS All-Star 2011 Shirt

The MLS All-Star game is a traditional exhibitionist match in America featuring a team made up of the best players over the season in the MLS against another invited team. The 2011 MLS All-Star Game will be played on July 27 at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey, home of the New York Red Bulls. The opponent for the game will be English Premier League Club, Manchester United for the second year in a row.

The shirt which the MLS team will wear is mostly Navy in colour. There are red and grey panels down the sides of the shirt and also red piping around the collar and down the sleeves. The team badge is on the left of the chest and the maker’s, Adidas, have their logo in the top right of the chest in white and three stripes down the sleeves in red. The sponsor’s logo is in the centre of the shirt.

Posted on July 03, 2011

Comments on “MLS All-Star 2011 shirt”

  1. Parker

    This is a pretty great jersey I must say!

  2. Essien

    USA sucks with these sh… all stars games, which are useless. Even in football they are doing this bullsh… And their supporters in all sports are lazy fat loosers, who don’t even know what are they watching at all.

  3. Rob

    without the pointless silver bits it would have looked alright.

  4. Deacon Valkeanu

    Looks like a Power Rangers costume to me…

  5. Ncfc1

    I really do hate the shoulder holster thing on the american football shirts


    Needs a bigger sponsor, I can barely make it out.

  7. Mrone

    Way too much going on
    Nice collar though

  8. Keez12

    the badge is a bit squint.

  9. Erik

    Woah this one is absolutely great!

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