MLS All Stars 2012 Adidas Black Kit

MLS All Stars 2012 Adidas Black Kit

MLS All Stars 2012 Adidas Black Kit

The MLS All Star game features a selection of players from the top American soccer league, the Major League Soccer, playing against an international club. In 2011, this international opponent was Manchester United, while they were on a tour in the United States. Manchester United wom the match 4-0 with goals coming from Anderson, Park, Berbatov and Welbeck. It was announced that the 2012 opponent will be Chelsea and the match will be played on July 25th 2012.

This is the shirt to be worn by the American league selection for the 2012 match against Chelsea. The shirt is manufactured by Adidas and sponsored by AT&T. It has a black base colour with shiny vertical stripes on the body. The trademark stripes of Adidas are silver and appear on the shoulders and on the sleeves. The collar is a mixture of black on the front and green on the sides and on the back.

Posted on April 15, 2012

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  1. Jarkko

    @Matt – I think he proves that living in a wardrobe and seeing only 10 minutes of natural daylight per day is not the best way to encourage social and intellectual interaction among peers.

  2. Den

    Looks like a nice keeper shirt

  3. Matt Daug

    @ Jarkko Thank you for finally addressing the fact that “Fotheringham” is by far the most sheltered imbecile to frequent this site. His comments on every new posting truly amaze me.

  4. Foolio

    Lol @ Jarkko……………..

  5. Jarkko

    @ the ignaramous tool that is Fotheringham.

    It is a team called the MLS All Stars.

    MLS is the league the players come from, the Major League Soccer of the United States of America.

    All Stars then informs you that the team is composed of ‘all’ the ‘stars’ of that league, thus making it the supposed best possible team from that League.

    They then play invitational games against teams from other countries. They are not a competitive team in a division and only have adidas make one kit a year for them.

    Tell me, have you ever been out of the town you live in or even aboard one of these fantastic things call airplanes? Or is Milton Keynes the furthest you have been?

  6. Fotheringham

    I have never even heard of this team

  7. Batista

    Last year was much better.

  8. God

    Stripes only on one sleeve or just folded in an odd way?

  9. Erik

    In comparison to last year kit, this is just horrible :\

  10. Toonarmy

    Looks more like grey to me.Shirt’s not bad,but there’s something “meh” about it.

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