New MLS Shirt Lettering

New MLS Shirt Lettering

New MLS Shirt Lettering

Major League Soccer is getting new lettering on the back of shirts for the 2008 season that is an established fact. Whether individual teams are having their own or whether each team will have the same isn’t conclusive just yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they all had the same. It would help enhance the brand MLS, just like the EPL went and got new lettering this year.

2008 Major League Soccer Jersey Font

2008 Major League Soccer Font Shirt Lettering

Above are four shirts of recent new signings for DC United and a new font to look at, one would imagine this is the new Major League Soccer jersey font for the 2008 season.

Posted on January 29, 2008

Comments on “New MLS Shirt Lettering”

  1. Greg

    MLS and other American retailers have been selling Beckham’s 2007 Galaxy replica at reduced prices for the past month in preparedness for the new MLS numbers coming very soon.

  2. Anthony

    As there are no MLS logo’s on those numbers you could conclude that actually they will all be different for each team? As the current numbers all have the MLS logo, and all teams use the same font / numbers. Will be interesting the see the other teams.

  3. Rivaldo

    I don’t like it, it reminds me of Real Madrid

  4. Gavin McElroy


  5. DaKop

    I like it. agree with fdv but i still think it looks unique

  6. FDV

    Look like pumas ones

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