New MLS 2008 Shirt Name/Numbers

New MLS 2008 Shirt Name/Numbers

New MLS 2008 Shirt Name/Numbers

Uni-sport provide the names & numbers on the back of MLS shirts under an exclusive license with Major League Soccer they also supply the teams directly with sponsor logos for the shirts.

2008 Major League Soccer Name Number

Above are the new fonts which have been created especially for the 2008 Major League Soccer season, that you will see on the back of customised player shirts this year, those seen on the back of the DC United shirts, that we had discussed previously, will be used league wide. For more information on Uni-Sport visit their website.

Posted on February 20, 2008

Comments on “New MLS 2008 Shirt Name/Numbers”

  1. Md Islam

    like number team jersey

  2. Amier De Paris

    ——— like number team jersey ————-

  3. Edu

    Can you name this font?

  4. Tom

    Exactly. Soccer is a word originating from the UK. The ‘stupid americans’ argument is getting pretty tired. Typical british arrogance.

  5. Bob

    Ummmm, soccer is a British word

  6. Dale

    I like them, but the old ones were so iconic. Almost looked like SPL numbers lol
    Interesting to see: will they allow accents on the letters? eg: ñ, é, ö etc?

  7. Rory Mccrossan

    there is some sad losers on this

  8. Scott

    Major League Friendships…nawwww

  9. Gavin McElroy

    i agree cedric

  10. Aaron

    i like the numbers.

  11. Cedric

    MLS should be forced to change their name to MLF and put an end to this soccer nonsense as its the americans that seem to be holding back the rest of the world and somewhat influencing nations who seek to be more americanised. they cant change the name of this game and its annoying

  12. McB

    i agree Jason

  13. Smarty

    quite stylish, would look good on an lfc shirt.

  14. Meds

    so who cares

  15. Jason

    Look lyk a cross between the old puma and addiads style of writing dont you think?

  16. Gavin McElroy


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