Netherlands Nike Away Shirt 2013

Netherlands Nike Away Shirt 2013

Netherlands Nike Away Shirt 2013

Here is the new Netherlands Nike away shirt for 2013 unveiled by Kevin Strootman, Ricardo van Rhijn and Adam Maher.

The shirt has a striking look encompassing the colours of the Dutch national flag.

The new away shirt mirrors the home shirt. It has two shapes, one covering the crest and the other at the hem. The top shape above the crest is red whilst the one at the hem is blue. The shirt is complemented with white shorts and white socks.

On the new away kit, national team coach Louis van Gaal, said: “As we start on our new journey as a team, the new away for the side represents a new beginning for the national team. It’s an exciting time ahead for the squad and the nation.”

In line with Nike’s commitment to combining performance with lower environmental impact, fabric for the new kit’s shorts is made with 100% recycled polyester, while the shirt fabric is made with a minimum 96% recycled polyester. Each kit is made using an average 13 recycled plastic bottles.

The kit are constructed using Nike Dri-FIT technology to wick moisture and are made out of 23 percent lighter fabric with 20 percent stronger knit structure than Nike’s previous kits. The shirts also feature laser-cut ventilation holes to promote localised cooling, to help regulate player temperatures during a match.


Posted on February 04, 2013

Comments on “Netherlands Nike Away Shirt 2013”

  1. Brn442

    “And, even clubs as big as Everton gets templates” Everton a big club? Is Charles your king?

  2. Jorge Godinez

    Dude, they look like Panama!!! :O

  3. Hellasleaf

    the shorts should have been blue, too much white

  4. Lamdalam

    designer , where is your creativity ?

  5. Teamgeiist

    Holland always have awesome shirts

  6. Rooney Is Soooo Ugly

    same old nike , boring and unimaginative

  7. Slip Digby

    Wouldn’t say it was boring exactly…….just bloody ugly!

  8. RooneyFan(Parker)MessiSucks

    I really liked the back away kits but it really like the color to this jersey.

  9. Aditoff

    Can Nike get any worse? Dreary and boring, Holland should go back to Adidas ASAP. D King’s comment is nonsense. No club HAS to change their shirt every year, it’s only because they feel they have to rip the fans off. I’m sure that Nike employ enough designers. Maybe they do but they’re lazy – just like theiir designs.

  10. D King

    Rick @ No 2 – Very good.

    I think this shirt is ugly. As for the recycling, people need to be realistic. All teams change all their shirts every season. Nike are expected to come up with something new and special for Barcelona, Brazil, Manchester United, Juventus, Inter Milan, Manchester City, Arsenal, Celtic, PSG, USA, Holland, France and Portugal, It is not surprising that they run out of ideas, and clubs even as big as Everton get templates.

  11. Alf Stewart

    @rick, I saw pictures of England traing 2day and they were still wearing Umbro training, so probably will be the last game b4 switching to Nike. Btw thanks for agreeing, home and away is mince 😃

  12. Mitchivic

    I agree with comment 4

  13. Northernhorn

    I sense the England shirt having a huge red cross on it

    Because I feel someone, somewhere high up in the FA have decided we shouldn’t play in our traditional colours anymore.

  14. Changeme

    @2 – Brilliant comment.

  15. Daniel Faraday

    Wow. With this and the Portugal away shirt, Nike obviously couldn’t be bothered creating new templates this year.

    Not a bad kit though, think the template works better on this one than the home kit.

  16. Azmi Md Jais

    cool, going to grab one soon.

  17. Rick

    @Alf, I agree, Neighbours was always better IMO

    On a serious note, are England unveiling their Nike kits this week, or are we playing in Umbro one last time on Wednesday?

  18. Alf Stewart

    Struth, Nike are ever so lazy, the exact template of the current home shirt.

    Home And Away Sucks.

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