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New Beginnings, New Kits Across English Football Teams

From the Championship down to League Two, several sides are now moving on and looking forward toward the next season with the early releases of their kits. This first few waves of kit launches show that English football is not just about the Premier League – it’s also about the work of teams at the bottom of the pyramid and the hard work they exert to finally move up the chain. Fans of Rotherham United, Crewe Alexandra, Coventry City, and Peterborough United can now get their hands on their respective team’s 2022/23 kits to show their support and passion for the club. Most of the new kits are home ones, while one of them is a third jersey. And an equal split among the shirts occurs regarding major brand releases and low-profile launches.


Rotherham United 2022/23 Puma Home

Rotherham United’s latest home strip has a red body and white standard sleeves. Both the sleeve cuffs and round collar feature in black with offset white striping. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the club’s home stadium, a sublimated graphic of the AESSEAL New York Stadium on the front side serves as the highlight design, which was expertly hand drawn by The Graphic Bomb. Puma is the kit maker of Rotherham United.


Crewe Alexandra 2022/23 FBT Home

Crewe Alexandra new home shirt is predominantly red with white details like the trims on the edges of the sleeve opening, the offset lining on the right-hand side of the collar, and the lateral mesh panels on the body panel. An eye-catching zig-zagging stripes graphic is embellished on the upper portion of the front side before aesthetically fading out towards the middle.


Coventry City 2022/23 Hummel Home

For 2022/23, the sky blue home shirt of Coventry has been adorned by the Admiral Tramline design popularised in the 1970s. Furthermore, the Tramlines house a pattern derived from that of the stained-glass windows of the Coventry Cathedral in recognition of its consecration’s 6oth anniversary. The sleeve cuffs and the round collar piping complete the overall look with a half-and-half striping in navy and white.


Peterborough United 2022/23 Puma Third

Peterborough United’s 2022/23 third is another shirt in this release that is produced by Puma. Aside from being the only third shirt in this wave of releases, it is also relatively simple in its design as it opts for a clean black base and gold accents for the monochrome logos. A timeless and classy colour combination, indeed.


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