New Blackburn 07/08 Umbro Shirts?

New Blackburn 07/08 Umbro Shirts?

New Blackburn 07/08 Umbro Shirts?

The rumours just won’t go away, will Blackburn be wearing Umbro shirts next season instead of Lonsdale, no official announcement as yet. Supposedly it will be an Umbro shirt, as Lonsdale manufacturer badges wont be on any football shirts in 2007/08. It has been suggested that an Umbro price list has gone out to sportswear stores in the North West and Blackburn Rovers were on that list.

What is confirmed are the designs for Blackburn’s shirts next season, after successfully trialling allowing fans to vote on the next season’s kit at the end of the 2006/07, the club allowed fans to choose again this year. They had a selection of three to choose from, all the home shirts were the traditional blue & white halves, whilst the away kit could have been orange, black & blue or red & black halves.

Photos of 2007/08 Blackburn shirts

07/08 Blackburn Rovers kit

The result of the text vote of fans, saw option 1 as the winer for the home shirt and option 3 for the away shirt, many Blackburn fans have been craving a black & red halved away shirt for years now and the finally have their wish. The shirts are expected to differ slightly from those pictured above as these are just computer representations. The collar could change as could the position of the manufacturer’s logo and potentially the makers name?

Posted on April 27, 2007

Comments on “New Blackburn 07/08 Umbro Shirts?”

  1. Ben

    kits r ace man nowt wrong wi bet 24 glad we getin umbro tho dnt realy like lonsdale , well do well in these this season come on the rovers

  2. Matt

    And your not the real Benni so shut up!

  3. Benni McCarthy

    The new strips look great, pleased to see that the londale brand has been dropped, umbro is a more respectable kit supplier for the club. Me and Maceo Rigters will enjoy a great season in them next term, scoring loads of goals for the fans. And to the reports of me leaving….Rubbish. I love Ewood Park and Mark Hughes!

  4. Katie

    WHAT THE?! championship? are you seriously having a laugh ?!?! the premiership is were we belong! The orange shirts wer mingin ! black nd red 1s are nicer!!

  5. Dowsea

    i wanted the orange like RoversFanUsa said it was well better

  6. Deano

    Firstly, I would love to see yellow and black halved as I lov eit when we can do the ‘yeeeellloooow’ chant when were away. And secondly, Benni, u spelt your’e name wrong mate! Umbro would be smoothe!

  7. Adam

    gd shirt i thought it was umbro not lonsdale and i wish they cahnge the sponser to someting example khanjra limited cash & carry they would be gd sponsers

  8. Connor

    cool kit like the away top home cool to umbro is rubbish even lonsdale better then umbro

  9. Adil321

    nyc the away kit looks betta

  10. Grant

    that is quite nice

  11. Spoli


  12. Sf The Rover

    Really nice. I look forward to getting it WHEN IT COMES OUT! I hope that is soon.

  13. Paul Boy

    I have been a Rovers fan for naerly 10 years, and I think it would be cool to have a kits made by umbro

  14. Georgie Boy

    the new away kit is wkd but it will look ten times if its umbro…..nd what is with evry team getting new kits this year !!

  15. Robbie

    kl kl

  16. Sam

    the kits are nice but Bet24 is crap

  17. Benny Mcarthy

    I wont be wearing 1 of those shirts again seeing as i am leaving but i wish the club my heart because i enjoyed evrything bout this club!. And i like the shirts. 🙂

  18. Anthony

    rovers maybe wearing these kits next year but they certainly wont be lonsdale it will be umbro definatley.

  19. Hatstand66

    It would be no surprise to see Umbro shirts as Mike Ashley who owns the Lonsdale brand also has a £9 million stake in Umbro and a deal to sell them in his shops Sports World



  21. Sargie

    The sooner the cheap tacky Lonsdale tat is disposed of the better. It’s about time Rovers got a proper kit manufacturer like Umbro. Get rid of all the silly designs, keep it simple and traditional. A new sponsor wouldn’t go amiss either.

  22. Brandon

    mingin we will be in the championship so better sell mccarhty now to man u

  23. Seb

    very very nice colours. shame its Lonsdale as i feel we could do with a bigger brand to emphaise the club.

  24. Dan

    dast ist very nyce 🙂

  25. RoversFanUsa

    Like the shirts… Just wish it would have been the orange one. I LOVE THE ORANGE ONE!!!

  26. Alex Mattock

    Does anyone know when these shirts will be released?

  27. Jacko _ CPFC

    nice style

  28. Roverman

    everton_kwl_dude it says, “the collar could change as could the position of the manufacturer’s logo and potentially the makers name?” 🙂

  29. Everton_kwl_dude

    thats not UMBRO thats LONSDALE but they are cooolllll!!!!

  30. Superveeej

    Pretty nice especially the away kit. Good colours.

    Home kit ****
    Away kit ****

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