New 08/09 Blackburn Shirt Designs? user laughatthedingles has posted up a couple of designs on their forums that a friend of his put together after having seen Blackburn Rovers shirt designs for next season.

Blackburn Rovers 2008/09 Shirt Designs

The designs are based on the new 2008/09 Umbro template, which you could see in use on the new England away shirt. LATD says that Rovers are yet to decide between the yellow for an away kit and an identical red shirt. Another user Claytons Left Boot suggests that Blackburn could have an away shirt of navy or a darker blue, which seems unlikely as the home is half blue and Blackburn’s traditional away colours have been red/black, red or yellow, but the idea is backed up by someone who works at Umbro.

Will Rovers need a third shirt?

A lot of Rovers fans aren’t too happy at the prospect of losing the black & red halved shirt which was such a success this season, but under Blackburn’s Umbro contract the away kit will be changed each season. The prospect of a blue away shirt does open up the possibility of a third shirt, to avoid colour clashes with both the home and away (if blue), which could end up being the popular black & red halved shirt, if another is not produced.

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  1. The home kit looks like the kit Shearer wore!
    I think Blackburn should keep the 1/2 Red and Black design as it looks good.

  2. isn’t it ironic that Blackburn is now sponsored by Crown paints, and we’re all complaining about the poor colours used!!!

  3. It’s a good reinterpretation (badly designed) of latest Umbro templates.

    Crown will surely not have that format in the shirt

  4. Yes they aren’t official, but they are what somebody has seen of the proposed kits and he has kindly attempted to show us what he has seen despite any limited skills he may have. So yes they are fake, but they may be a solid interpretation of what is to come…

  5. I love the red and black shirt!! Keep it! Yellow’s for third shirts.
    I know what it’s like changing the kit every year – being a Toffees supporter.

    Umbro: Great shirts. Silly contracts.

  6. There horrible shirts and the crown paints is going to make it worse !!

    the away is awful and the guy was probly chatting shit wen he said that he saw the kits !!

    iv seen the home designs and there nothing like that !! ^^ my dad is the kit supllier and hes shown me the possible kits !!

  7. I would like to see a new shrit, either yellow or navy but i am glad to see us getting a new sponser, but crown paint. oh well.

  8. Whats the point in dressing the players like a fukin banana?
    red and black shirt all the way!

  9. the kits were discussed at one of the monthly fan fourms (i think it was febs) and it was put to umbro to stick to the halves (not the colours), so the club could build a brand. and the idea seemed to go down well. i like the idea of having halve kits, even if its not red and black. i do love the red and black tho.. i live in manchester and most my man utd mates love the red and black tops

  10. could possibly be the designs……. but….. it will be a nike kit… as nike bought out umbro earlier this year…. role on decent kits!!!!!

  11. Not that bad , but would prefer to keep the red and black halves tbh.

    Glad that were stickin with Umbro , the lonsdale kits were shockingly made and Umbro design them and makes them with great quality.

    C’mon Rovers 😉

  12. nice to see some changes but crown? the black and red should stick, classic!

    see ya soon lads!

  13. keep it yellow it luks sik as fuk
    get rid of crown paints n gt sumat else that luks better
    the toffees are shite they need 2 die

  14. I dont mind the new away shirt. Its not as nice as the red and black. The only thing thats important is that McClaren isnt our new manager. Cmon the Rovers!

  15. Those newer ones look brilliant, but Rovers need to keep the halves for sure.
    I like the crown logo, it’s clean and snazzy.

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