New Brighton & Hove Albion 2013-14 Away Shirt

Brighton & Hove Albion and Errea have officially released their new 2013/14 away shirt in an unveiling in Brighton yesterday. The new shirt features a yellow colour with thin navy pin stripes with navy shorts and socks and it also boasts the new shirt sponsor American Express as already seen on the home shirt.


The home shirt was first unveiled in April this year and it also celebrates Errea’s 25th year partnership with The Seagulls. Business manager Paul Rogers mentioned, “We wanted something bright and bold, a change strip which would complement the new home strip. We are really pleased with the design, cut and finished product.”

Brighton will look to top their 2012-13 campaign next season, where they reached the play-offs only to be beaten by Crystal Palace in the semi-finals.

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  1. Very nice – retro away look there, simple, bold, very old school.

    WARRIOR – take note!! It really really is a lot easier than you think.

  2. Errea do it again shaming the big brands in the process – Nike/Puma/Adidas/Warrior/Under Armour et al take note.

    Errea have been making the best kits for the past few seasons and seem to respect club colours/tradition. they just seem to follow a simlpe remit when asked to do a kit deign. Theyve been asked to design a home and away kit for Brighton and theyve stuck to it.

  3. errea are quality always did mint kits for the boro. as #s said they always keep traditional values and keep it simple yet still manage completely different templates every season unlike nike or adidas.

  4. It’s actually Errea themselves that are 25 years old this year. They’re putting out some pretty decent stuff as well and these are two more fine kits.

  5. With all the Teamwear stuff at the minute it pays to go with one of the ‘lesser’ brands like Errea or Hummel for example. Good chance of getting a bespoke kit, and the stuff errea have been doing so far is top class.

  6. They unveiled the shirts at a police ID parade or what?! The suspect on the right looks like he stole a Corsa.

    On-topic: Errea is going places! Quality stuff they’ve come up with lately.

  7. Errea are knocking it out of the park this season. Brilliant shirts.

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