New Germany And Spain Home Kits

New Germany And Spain Home Kits

New Germany And Spain Home Kits

These are the new adidas home kits for Spain and Germany.

Spain & Germay Euro 2008 Shirts

The Germany shirt is with with a balck orange and red shwoosh ending at the badge, the shorts are black with white. The new Spain shirt is red with a yellow trim and balck with yellow shorts. Both kits have the same badge plus logo placements with the adidas logo in the middle and the badge on the right.

Posted on June 05, 2007

Comments on “New Germany and Spain home kits”

  1. Namey

    “Hey, what up with you ? For me the german shirts are fantastic, while spanish ones just average. I can’t understand this censure for the german kit…”


  2. Max Pemberton

    I think the spain shirt is the best shirt in the world! it is: wonderful,fancy,amazing,great,top class, also the bbbbbeeeeesssssttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Joe Smith

    germany shirts are nice
    plus theyll win euro 08 in them so it wont matter

  4. JJ

    they are not fakes i have the spanish kit

  5. Lil Schweinsteiger

    germany rule they shirt is fantastic cumn germany bring euro 2008 home jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. Matthias

    both suck

  7. Sofiane

    the b oth shirts r good i prefer german one

  8. Nickz

    adidas is doing well with the Germany, and the all spanish will cry when they see that jersey

  9. Jake

    man, adidas is copying nike. they are going classic just like nike with the logo placement

  10. Dconway26

    here’s another pic:

  11. Geoff

    Not fakes Robert, this was posted a while ago, since then the German’s have been seen recording a commerical wearing their new kit.

  12. Robert

    current jerseys are better than these (probably) fakes…

  13. Mark

    german shirt looks ace love the three stars or sorry the england shirt has only one grow up england fans ps iam english

  14. Alien

    wow , i hope that germany will change mind soon,,
    such a nightmare
    but maybe it’ll bring the trophy coz its so similar to the 96 euro shirt

  15. Paloma


  16. AnTe

    the german one is….cant say the word! just horrible! and i kno what im talkin bout.. im german!

  17. James Cfc

    how bad is the germany top there last home top was way way better than that thing… lol

  18. George

    Adidas is serving up a real blast from the past.

  19. Bertie

    The Spain one is ok, but the Germany one is terrible!

  20. Chelski

    the germany one looks like s***

  21. Darcy

    germany are rubbish

  22. Fa9ool

    spain shirt is bad german is fantastic

  23. Jaime

    tell me dats not da new spanish top

  24. Glastonbury2007

    the germany shirt looks like somebody has smudged charcoal over it hahaha suits them!!!!!!!!

  25. Luke Marsh

    i like the two kits but i think that the black, yellow, and red things on the Germany top makes it look like a superhero attire the Spain kit tough is nice

  26. Shockz And Badmind

    spanish one is very similiar and borin while the german one is great but there should be somting at the botton coz itz empty

  27. Fg

    u r all dickheads copying each other except polant,i agree tht the german shirt is nice with the apain shirt looking average

  28. Evilz

    When I go to adidas outlet’s…
    I find out the kit in the shop…
    Is not the same as the player’s kit…
    The player’s kit used Formotion technology…
    But in the shops , the kit used Clima Cool technology…
    Why adidas are doing this ???

  29. Rado

    The German jersey looks chchchchch Spain’s not bad…

  30. Jayusa

    Spanish Jersey is the best!

  31. Wutang01

    The German jersey looks ********. Spain’s alright, but isn’t that great to be honest …

  32. TheOneandOnly

    they look alright, spains is better tho

  33. Brett

    the germany 1 aint to bad lol .. the spain 1 aint so nice ..

    if that is the real germany kit i cnt wait to laff at them at wembly

  34. Robert

    Not as good as the last Germany shirt

  35. Mark

    I dont like the German Shirt, and the Spanish looks the same.

  36. Polant

    Hey, what up with you ? For me the german shirts are fantastic, while spanish ones just average. I can’t understand this censure for the german kit…

  37. Meds

    nice hey!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Hiytrewewwqrtdj

    both kits are fake… i mean seriously u think that germany are gona wear that ?? they aint that stupid

  39. Matt

    this is typical adidas: pose the nike trend. in this case, it’s the retro look

  40. Anthony

    fantastic, love the retro look

  41. IMaro

    they Arent Fack..I Read The ZDF.DE News..

    Germany Will Have New Kits..:S!
    but please not these!

  42. Rc3

    hahaha – the german kit suits the crowts i suppose – s*** – spains not bad just looks a bit fake

  43. Davie W

    How Fucking Ugly R These Strips :S

  44. ....

    personally myself i dont like them.

    It looks like Adidas is going for the retro look for their teams euro’s

    any news when these will be out?

  45. Aw13

    think that the Germany kit is ace! while Spain’s one is quite cool as well. change in logo?

  46. IMaro

    OMFG ..Please Tell me that The German Kit is a fake!..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  47. Jason

    The spain shirts fantastic!

  48. No1 No's

    i think spain one’s gd but the germany 1’s abit crap

  49. Darren

    germany kit is horrible but the spain kit is okay

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