New Holland Away Shirt 08/09

This is the new away shirt for the Netherlands football team, replacing the previous white shirt, the shirt is a light blue, worn with dark blue shorts and white socks.

Netherlands Away Kit 2008

Netherlands Away Shirt 2008/09 Euro

You will see the Netherlands wear the shirt at the European Championships in Austria and Switzerland in the summer of 2008 if they can secure a win in either of their last two qualification games or rivals for a place at the championships Bulgaria slipup.

Holland’s new shirt is manufactured by Nike and features their badge on the right chest with the KNVB badge of the football association of Holland on the left chest.  The standout design feature on the shirt is the thin horizontal lines across the chest using the colours of the Dutch flag.

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  1. Typical Holland! There away kit is allways in a different colour every year. White, Black, Blue and now this colour

  2. I miss the 1974-1987 KNVB uniforms. Great colors and great look. The 1978 away shirt was possibly the best away uniform for any Oranje team. Wish they would go back to that.

  3. nice shirt but why that colour..anyway see the boots..they are both wearin the new nike tiempo air legend 2

  4. The color is because they want a ‘Nassau-blue’. They want a match with the Queen’s family. I just like it. 🙂

  5. dont like the colour, dont like the design, yet i liked the pevious away shirt, they need a strong away colour. something that wont leave them quivering in fear!

  6. does any one now how to get the new holland top in long sleeve ive loked eberywhere and when will the home kit be out ? thanx yall

  7. you are a bunch of gays this shirt is gd why do u care so much about da socks and their trainers u willy wufter……………..


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