New Malaga CF Away Shirt

Malaga CF a Spanish based football club have unveiled their new away kit. The Kit is mainly purple with turquoise collar and turquoise touches. Shirt is manufactured by umbro which have their logo in turquoise on the top right part of the shirt. Malaga’s Club Crest is placed on the top left part of the shirt.

Shirt is complemented with black shorts displaying the club crest and the umbro logo.


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  1. Erm…..Disgusting! turquoise and purple? what were they thinking, you cant even see the umbro logo on the shirt, you have to strain to see it!

  2. Absolutely hideous. If I were a player and Malaga wanted to sign me, I would turn it down because of this horrible kit.

  3. is that the team photo how stupid must he feel hes wearin the worst top ever seen n holdin hands wif kids like he is crossin the road

  4. Its actually purple and green and if ya wernt so ignorant its because the flag of the city.

    Up the Malaga 🙂

  5. It’s an awful shirt regardless of it’s colour.

    You can’t honestly say that isn’t the worst shirt you’ve ever seen.

  6. Ugly shirt for an ugly team. The most funny thing of all it’s that this player is… a goalkeeper XD

  7. Ugly shirt for an ugly team. The funniest thing is that this player is… a goalkeeper XD

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