New Manchester United Goalkeeper Kit 08/09

New Manchester United Goalkeeper Kit 08/09

New Manchester United Goalkeeper Kit 08/09

After revealing the new Away kit, Manchester United have also revealed the new Goalkeeper kit to go with the new Away kit.

The shirt is primarily Yellow. There is a black band running from the left side of the collar, to the right armpit. The club badge is on the left of the shirt and the makers, Nike, have their logo on the right of the shirt. The club’s sponsor, AIG, have their name and logo across the middle of the shirt. The shirt will be worn with black shorts.

The shirt, along with the away kit, is now available to pre-order. It will be available to buy from the 18th of July.

Posted on June 19, 2008

Comments on “New Manchester United Goalkeeper kit 08/09”

  1. Engin Topal

    Hi I’m from Turkey I want to get the body how much the price of the jersey L? Bird how much will it cost to come to Turkey would like to thank you for your interest



  3. Murray

    man utd rock

  4. Murray

    man utd don,t need a new kit they will still play as awesome as they awsomely do now

  5. Pengmeola

    Thanks for the info Pete.
    As for the blue goalie kit, i kept login into since the season started but the only goalie kit available was the yellow one. My friend went to OT last week searching for the blue goalie kit, but only for kids available…very much to my utmost dissapointment..sigh..

  6. Karl

    is this the away keeper kit??

  7. Pete Mcniff

    The Green Kit was sold for a short period as was the black goalkeeper shirt and the grey one, however there was a manufactering error and the only one produced after was the blue one. Hope this helps.

    Does anyone know where to buy this seasons blue goalkeeper kit or the black one? I was told they would be in megastore by late september.

  8. PengMeola

    I’ve been looking for the green keeper’s kit donned by VDS in Moscow to no avail. Did MU ever sell it at the Megastore?? Help please..
    by the way the new yellow keeper kit is just ordinary, the new blue top is much better..

  9. Amar

    Very nice shirt, it’s nice to see that Nike can put a little bit of a pattern on the shirt, even if it is just like all the other ones. But I’d like to make a correction to the description: the black band comes from the right collar, down to the left armpit. I don’t understand why the companies are using generic designs for kits. All teams who are sponsored by Nike (e.g. Man Utd, Arsenal) have kits looking the same, just as Adidas teams (e.g. Chelsea, Liverpool) look the same. The kits of the 1990s were much better as they were a lot more unique. I think that next season, we should have a kit with the classic collars and such, to commemorate the wonderful season that was 1999/2000. Oh, and who else thinks we should have the words “Football Club” put back onto the club crest??

    Sorry for the rant lol.

  10. Jacko

    that kits lush its got to be the nicest keeper kit that united had ever had

  11. Rick

    I’m not a big fan of yellow. Personally i liked the blue one best

  12. Kundaii


  13. Kundaii

    the kit iz nthin special rele bt all i care about iz the logo woooooo still lookin nice no matter wat colour the jersey tht badge looks…….well…..woooooooooooow!!!!

  14. Sam Miller

    i thinks it is awesome but much better probably in orange

  15. Josh Perry

    the blue one was better dont like the new one

  16. Jack

    Omg this is crap. The green one is 10 times better.

  17. Lori

    nam united

  18. Lori

    Man united are the beat they are the best team in the world arsenal is so rubbish and great adde is leaving he is so crud so let him leave let fab come to man united qualaty

  19. Scott

    Blueboi who do you support m8

  20. Scott

    same as 2 years ago really just it got a black line thats different

  21. DAV

    i love the shirt

  22. Marc

    it is well nice

  23. Blueboi

    y r man u so special they r just another club so y shuld dey get a “special” besides theyll come 11th now that RONALDO is going to leave for madrid, they cant rely on ronaldo anymore!

  24. Ste Mufc Fan

    well nice shirt i am well buying that van der sar on the back

  25. Lfcredsrule

    van der sar will be wearing the same kit for club and country

  26. Miguel

    United’s kits should be unique because United are the biggest club in the world. That’s why.

  27. Rob

    Why should Uniteds kit be unique? not as nice as Almunia’s blck version, but he won’t look as stupid as Poor old petr in his dayglo’ orange!!!

  28. Skills

    just another ordinary nike goalkeeper kit…nothing special

  29. Paul4mufc

    nive but could be better weve had yellow for about three seasons now i think it should be black that would look nicer

  30. Ste

    crapcastle utd Gavin McElory it is a lot better that kit ur team has got

  31. Cookieram

    Not bad……. not exactly original

  32. Mufc

    that is by far the best nike goalkeeper top so far

  33. Liam

    Didnt Liverpool have that in black as a 3rd and arsenal as a keeper and Madrid as a keeper like its so boring!!!

  34. Aaron Parker

    i like it but not the colour

  35. Mushroom_v1

    why should uniteds kits be unique?

  36. Nick

    wel nice so is the new away shirt

  37. Tim

    Horrible. What do Nike’s designers get paid for? It’s just the same as van der Sar’s Holland keeper shirt.

  38. John

    just like all the other nike keeper shirts. uniteds should be unique

  39. Bob

    Ug to the ly.

  40. Alex

    i dont like this

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