New 2008/09 Portsmouth Away Shirt

New 2008/09 Portsmouth Away Shirt

New 2008/09 Portsmouth Away Shirt

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The new Pompey away shirt is mainly white with blue shoulders and bottom part. The collar is V-shaped and also blue with white border. Kit manufacturer, Canterbury, has its logo on the right side of the chest and on the both sleeves. On the left side of the chest is club’s crest while in the center is main’s sponsor logo in red writing (OKI; printing solutions).

Portsmouth away shirt

Posted on May 06, 2008

Comments on “New 2008/09 Portsmouth Away Shirt”

  1. Cj

    coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i like it

  2. Shit Alex

    this is a crap

  3. Flamini

    luks like something noddy n big ears would wear

  4. Skate Hater

    looks like something phil “the power” taylor would wear or a cricket top but not a football top

  5. Steve

    great shirt best one yet just a shame sol campbell won’t be wearing it next season if he leaves

  6. JenniP

    I dunno Azza, our 1st Division one had a collar, perhaps we win things with collars 🙂

    I’m willing to give the new crest a chance but first impressions are its horrible, looks far too big on the shirt.

    The shirt itself though I like though, yes we will need a 3rd shirt, and there is talk of a 4th shirt for Europe.

    Really dont like the idea of an all blue strip though.

  7. Azza

    Nice shirt with good colours but the nly problem is the crest is awful we need the old one back. I might just stitch the old crest on top, also this shirt should not have a collar it looks terrible.

  8. Gareth-liverpool Fc

    very nice sirt but the crest aint the est

  9. Gavin NUFC McElroy

    the shirt is nice

  10. George

    does anyone know when the home shirt will be revealed?

  11. ???????????????

    great dont support dem but might get it 4 sum fun

  12. LFClondon

    The BEST kit in the prem EVER!! Better than our new one (liverpool)!!!!

    Go on Pompey next season; don’t let the rubbish everton get the uefa cup spot.

  13. Rob

    Yh they have changed the rest .. its odd but im sure we’ll get used to it .. jus like chelsea’s away kit

  14. Aaron Parker

    iagree with sam and that kit is s****

  15. Florii =D

    Well nice kit, a lot better than the past few seasons =], i’m not sure about the all blue kit next season though, but if we win the FA cup with it, then i’ve no complaints waaayyy play up pompey!!!

  16. Haddy

    Nice kit, nice crest! Play Up Pompey!

  17. Vitz

    Just got mine. love the kit, all blue though for the home kit…ooooooooohhh may upset some people

  18. Sam

    nice shirt man utd is better


    Canterbury shows that they can’t actually design beyond a rugby kit template. What a surprise.

  20. Soorbob

    i really like it but the crest is horrible

  21. JohnnieBoy

    Nice shirt but too much blue, will need a 3rd shirt to play against the likes of Blackburn, Chelsea & Everton.

  22. Statto74

    A very striking shirt, but an awful lot of blue in this alternate shirt

  23. Tankfantry

    It does look like the crest has been altered a bit. not to bad but I am noticing the Kit manufacturer logo is everywhere like Puma and Kappa.

  24. Abbey Yid

    is that their twenty20 shirt? looks like a cricket top. does it say 110 years under the old crest?

  25. Abdullah

    Have they changed their crest

  26. Syders

    amazing shirt

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