New Premier League Name & Number Style

New Premier League Name & Number Style

New Premier League Name & Number Style

New Premier League Lettering & NumbersThe new name and number style for next season for the English Premier League, that is being adopted by club’s on their shirts, has been provided by Sporting iD. The idea of the new style is an attempt to reduce counterfeiting but also to make player identification easier for fans in the grounds and via television broadcasts.

Official Premier League lettering & numbers

The 2007/08 Premier League lettering and numbering is designed by the company formerly known as Chris Kay UK Limited. They created the original style of licensed name and numbers over a decade ago.

As well as creating the new style, Sporting iD will also supply the Premier League’s twenty teams with the letters, numbers & sleeve badges for official match kits.

Posted on June 12, 2007

Comments on “New Premier League name & number style”

  1. Harry Purcell

    Bring Back the old font.

  2. Shaun Samuel

    i have a whole lot of shirts which i bought over the years. unfortunately they dont come with the names and numbers and badges. where can i purchase the numbers and letters

  3. Jord

    cant wait for the wolves shirt 2 have the numbers and arm patches on cmonn u wolves

  4. Ava

    i’m italian…where i can built the numbers and the lettering?

  5. Eric

    Is the letter made of plastic or cloth like ?

  6. Martinho

    at first i didn’t like the new writing, but i do like it now. much better than the old writing. i have the new united shirt with rooney on the back and its class. only problem is the writing peels off and needs to be ironed back on but apart from that its brilliant

  7. Admin

    they come as standard on all shirts now purchased, if you want to have them put on to a shirt you already own, check out this page on name & numbers.

  8. Realone

    how do i get the new premier league lettering and numbering

  9. Andy

    New writing is much better and got my shirts with writing on.

    I found images of the numbers but if anyone has the font, or an image of each letter please leave a comment/link/photo on here!


  10. Manchestercity90

    haha what colour is it 4 man city?

  11. Rob

    got it alredi JOHNSON 33 4 manchester city

  12. Royal A

    Anyone know the name of the new font/typeface?

  13. Jason

    anyone know when the new name/numbers are released as i went to order my shirt today with name and number on it but couldnt cos they didnt know when the premier league are releasing them??

  14. John

    more examples:

  15. Roger

    Had to laugh when sheff u wore the new style names and numbers in the last game of last season, they wont be needing them for a while!

  16. MU Fan

    next season’s gonna be damn great, I cant w8

  17. Tommy Adkin

    i think it looks a lot smarter than what it did on the other shirts , and anyway the other lettering as been around for ages its nice to have change .. cant wait for the new united strip to come out n get nani on the back ..

  18. Wutang01

    How will it reduce counterfeiting? Are they gonna change it every season or something? I highly doubt it. I don’t get it …
    Anyway, I like the new look (numbering/lettering/sleeve patch). Can’t wait to get new Liverpool jerseys with the new look =p

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