New Premier League Shirt Patch

New Premier League Shirt Patch

New Premier League Shirt Patch

From the start of the 2007/08 season The F.A. Premier League introduces a new design for the official letters, numbers and sleeve badges that will be printed on player kits and also produced for replica sale. This is the new badge that appears on the shirt sleeves:

New Premier League Badge

We’ve already revealed the new name & numbering to be used on kits.

Posted on June 11, 2007

Comments on “New Premier League Shirt Patch”

  1. Kailem

    this badge is good.

  2. Mason Peddle

    pompey r the best man city r shit the badge is shit

  3. Ur Mum

    ur mum is fit i like her clothes and that lion is niiice

  4. Manchestercity90

    thats a cute a cute lion!

    dont listen to my comment the one before!

  5. Manchestercity90

    nice but the old ones was better

  6. Raj

    Quite nice but a bit unbalanced imo. A symmetrical design would have done the job!

  7. Cardtrick


  8. Abahaji

    Quite Nice

  9. Des Little

    Looks horribly like Chelsea’s old badge. Please don’t tell me they’ve bought the league as well (some might say again)?!

  10. Jose

    Best!!!!!!!!! how about the Champion desgin???

  11. Mr.Burns


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