New USA Away Shirt 2008/09

New USA Away Shirt 2008/09

New USA Away Shirt 2008/09

The new USA away shirt has been launched on The shirt is made by Nike and is a characteristically simple design.

USA Soccer Away Jersey

It is difficult to determine from the images provided on the site if the shirt is a slate blue or a charcoal colour, but aside from the base colour, the shirt includes red trim on the back of the collar and the sleeve ends, the acronym “USA” printed on the back of the collar, and the phrase “Don’t Tread On Me” inside the collar, which is between stars on its left and red and white stripes on its right. The names and numbers will be white with the US Soccer logo contained within the bottom of each number. It uses Nike’s Dri-FIT technology which is designed to provide the player with optimum comfort and draw moisture away from the player’s skin.

Posted on March 26, 2008

Comments on “New USA away shirt 2008/09”

  1. Linus Amma T-Cee

    Shuh… Very hot… Rocking here in Namibia

  2. Roy Hodgson

    very creative..

  3. Dale

    That’s because US Soccer live in the dark ages and refuses to call it football…

  4. Greg

    Jersey colour is refered to as “Silver” by US Soccer.

  5. T Cozee

    Looks Charcoal and red, very similar to te Wales Rugby World Cup away shirt. Nice, but the home kit is sill better though.

  6. WoS

    Admin – Hull release there new Umbro away kit in late April, details can be found on their official site

  7. Amir

    looks charcoal grey on the tv yesterday versus poland

  8. Gavin 1892

    nice top

  9. Guido

    simple but, effective

    the home shirt is still the better of the two, tho

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