New York Red Bulls Shirts 2013

New York Red Bulls Shirts 2013

New York Red Bulls Shirts 2013

Here are the new home and away shirts of New York Red Bulls for the 2013 MLS season. The shirt was unveiled during a season ticket holder event at New York City’s Pier 59.

The club’s new home shirt is highlighted by a distinct red collar with red trim around the sleeves and a dash of red on the torso encompassing the the bulls and and sun logo. The adidas logo is in red on the top right part of the chest with the club badge on the opposite part.


The Red Bulls start their 2013 season by visiting Portland on March 3.





Posted on February 26, 2013

Comments on “New York Red Bulls Shirts 2013”

  1. Richie Hodd

    hope juninho's guna do well in that kit love him as a player.

  2. KyleM9O5

    Not that different from last year’s kit but still very nice. More red a good thing! As for the MetroStars conundrum even Red Bulls fans say they want the MetroStars back and that is fair enough. But the truth is the sponsorship has been extremely benefitial for New York. They moved to their own soccer-specific stadium, brought in big name players in Thierry Henry, Rafa Marquez (who unfortunately turned into a flop), and Tim Cahill. I think the Red Bulls name works well with New York and as before mentioned, the kits look great!

  3. DeanoB

    I MISS THE METROSTARS!!! However Red Bull took over and renamed…who cares really as the club has 9 years less legacy and tradition than my 26 year old self!!!

    On the kit situation though, there has been a massive **** up by Red Bull as no seasons kit is ever going to be unique, bespoke or iconic, they are all the same. So what fan in their right mind would by a shirt with an updated collar or sleeve trim each season when unless you look closely theres no difference?

  4. James

    I still think New York Red Bulls should play in Red!

    Away kit should be Silver & Navy.

  5. United!!!

    on the plus side… i like the ‘Red Bull’ touch on the collar….

  6. Rooney Is Sooooo Ugly

    hideous colours , hideous shirt design , and most of all – hideous sponsor logo

  7. Rob

    I can see that both points of view have some merit. The main thing with the MLS is that they have always had team nams such as Cosmos, Fire, Rowdies etc along with the place name. So in that context New York Red Bulls fits in OK.

  8. Northernhorn

    German football bans footballing jokes such as this.

  9. Doctor's Your Uncle

    Yuck! The shirt is, judged objectively, quite decent, but Red Bull are a cancer on footballs heart and traditions.

    Justice for SVA Saltzburg!

  10. Louis

    There is certainly a lack of pride when it comes to Football here in America, so the name of the club was bound to fall under the name of the sponsorship because not many supporters care. Its why i cant stand to watch MLS, there’s a huge lack of passion in American sports

  11. Rasheed

    Agree completely with Augustus, a team taking on a sponsor’s name is absurd. That’s what bugs me about these shirts. The Red Bull logo on the chest as a regular shirt sponsor actually looks quite good, but to name the team after their sponsor and have the sponsor’s logo as the team’s crest ruins the aesthetics.

  12. Forest Fan Nick

    But surely teams like Manchester United and Real Madrid are brand names too in a sense?! I don’t see why you need to get worked up over NYRB name?! It’s a clever marketing ploy in my opinion, as you say Ovaltine Hemel Hempstead would be a touch ridiculous.

  13. Augustus

    I was clearly indicating the allowing of naming rights of the club itself, not sponsorship in general. They are the “New York Red Bulls”, formally, if memory serves, the MetroStars. Red Bull took over and rebranded them, as they did to the venerable old institution that was SV Austria Salzburg, requiring their fans to begin again down the leagues.

    I support AAP Southampton FC. Oh, no actually I support Southampton FC. That’s right, because we didn’t take the sponsors name. It isn’t John Pye Forest is it? Not yet anyway. God forbid it ever should be.

    There are exceptions, as there are to most things, Philips Sport Verein being the most obvious I suppose, but they have always been known as that. Similarly if Coventry City had never changed their name then I wouldn’t have a problem with Singers FC, but this straight selling off of naming rights to modern corporations is simply wrong. We’ll end up with the situation they have in South Korea where clubs change names regularly and tradition, which is one of the cornerstones of the sport, is secondary.

  14. Forest Fan Nick

    Out of interest Augustus, who do you support? Most English football teams, if i’m not mistaken, have at least 3 sponsors on their shirts. E.g Forest have John Pye, Umbro, and an npower championship badge on their shirt, so that baseless comment aimed at the Red Bulls is a bit naive.

  15. Augustus

    Shameful to have such sponsorship in club football. FIFA should ban these deals. You end up supporting Ovaltine Hemel Hempstead, or starting again in the Austrian third division.

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