Nike Authentic Vs. Replica Shirts

Nike Authentic Vs. Replica Shirts

Nike Authentic Vs. Replica Shirts

This week we received and compared Nike’s authentic football shirt versus their replica football shirt.

We have the authentic United States away shirt and the replica England away shirt by Nike. Both away shirts for the United States and England were launched at the end of March and the start of April.

The authentic edition is the more expensive shirt coming in at roughly 90 pounds or 150 US dollars while the replica shirt prices at a much cheaper 50 pounds or 90 US dollars. The major reasons why the authentic edition is more expensive is because it is the shirt which will be worn by the players at the World Cup while the replica shirt is designed for fans to wear.


The authentic edition features more advanced technology than the replica shirt. Both shirts feature Dri-Fit technology which is a high-performance, microfibre, polyester fabric that moves sweat away from the body and to the fabric surface, where it evaporates. As a result, Dri-FIT keeps athletes dry and comfortable.


The authentic edition features ventilation holes on the sides of the shirt further enhancing breathability and ventilation while the replica edition lacks any sort of ventilation holes on the sides. For extra ventilation the back of the authentic shirt is made of mesh which further enhances breathability and contributes to this shirt’s light weight. The replica shirt features the same material on the front and the back.


The authentic edition is tight fitting which means any shirt classified as authentic will run small so we suggest you choose a size larger than your true size. You can tell the authentic shirt is authentic because it features a gold tab at the base of the shirt where the replica edition features a silver tab.


To sum up the authentic edition is the more expensive shirt as it features more ventilation technology including mesh and ventilation holes making it lighter than the replica shirt and it will be worn by the players on the pitch at the World Cup while the replica shirt is much cheaper and lacks the same level of ventilation technology that the authentic shirt has. Both authentic and replica shirts feature the same design and are both 100% polyester.

Posted on May 15, 2014

Comments on “Nike Authentic vs. Replica Shirts”

  1. Anthony

    Also missed out that the authentic has stickers for the badges and the replicas have embroidered badges. And this last point also makes it easier for the fakes ones to be put on sale on eBay where countless people get ripped off!

  2. Sainty

    @3 – You would think so but it’s costs more to manufacture the authentic one due to the extra processes involved & the extra machine tooling required.

  3. Charliebob87

    If there are more “ventilation” holes and is “lighter” surely that means less fabric is used overall than the replica one which basically means your are paying a lot more money for less material???

  4. Matt

    @1 couldn’t agree more! Seems a stupid article, ‘let’s compare two completely different shirts’

  5. CWR

    Wouldn’t this have made more sense if you had compared two of the same shirt? Does the England away shirt even have mesh on the back to begin with since it has the pin stripes?

  6. James Dwight

    I think its worth noting the player version has a much more tailored fit. I have the USA away player version and the Brazil away replica, the USA shirt feels so much nicer to wear with the way its cut to the body.

  7. Bob Clancey

    For the vast majority of people, the 'Authentic'/'Player-issue' shirts just aren't necessary. If you're playing international football for 90/120-minutes on a humid evening close to the Equator you might need all the ventilation you can get, but for everyone else they're just a gimmick.

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