Nike India 2008/09 Shirt

Nike India 2008/09 Shirt

Nike India 2008/09 Shirt

This is the home shirt that will be used by the Indian national team for the 2010 World Cup qualifiers, for the period 2008/09. The Indian national team is a member of the Asian Football Confederation and currently ranks 148th in the FIFA rankings. The shirt is all blue except for the collar. The Nike logo appears on the right in white, while the Indian emblem appears on a white background (with orange details on the outline) on the left side. The collar is light-blue, and has orange piping around the edges.

Indian home shirt 2008/09

Posted on April 04, 2008

Comments on “Nike India 2008/09 Shirt”

  1. Marco Cattafesta

    how do you buy?

  2. Rushi

    where can i buy this shirt in india?? please reply

  3. Bhushan

    where is national flag without it like blank

  4. Bhaskar

    this shirt sux bigtime……the cricket shirt looks grt thoh

  5. Karlos

    Why is the Indian Football Federation crest and the Nike swoosh…cheap iron-ons and not embroidered??


  6. Shafi Backer Tirur

    good,need our flag colour too.

  7. Prabhat

    oh man, I dont care bout those really world class team t-shirts, this is the only one i really wanna have!!!!!

  8. Ani

    i hate cricket and hate its dress code….man hu wants to wear a pajama while playing

  9. Ani

    nice & simple….i like it
    the previous one was also gud

  10. India Rocks

    this one is an awesome design and i loved it…i hope team india puts something like this than dumb old shit like jerseys!!

  11. Razzz

    awesome jersey… the AIFF badge looks good now. Nike needs to give a nice look to the Indian Cricket team too

  12. Fromthetouchline

    nice badge

  13. Billy McCrea

    Aaron it does look unusual. It is all blue with a little orange strip. Not saying I don’t like orange because after all I am from Norn Iron haha.

  14. Jwheelie12

    Sunderland’s shirt is smart aaron? Is it fuck! It’s just the same as all umbro kits: plain and boring!

  15. Gavin Mcel Nufc Fan

    james the sunderland shirt will look shite just like the team

  16. Billy McCrea

    It is horrible because it does not match, does not look nice, and it just looks unusual looking.

  17. Bob

    What is horrible about it? There’s nothing on it! How can you call it horrible?

  18. CW

    Horrible. They should stick to cricket.

  19. James

    does ne1 no wot the new sunderland home shirt look lyk

  20. Al

    very nyc…..

    indias cricket jersey is much better tho

  21. Alexandre Da Fiel

    horrible. Brazil’s collar in th WC 2006.

  22. Corey

    dus ne 1 no wt the new hull city shirt looks like it comes ot soon

  23. Bahiano

    WHAT IS IT ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  24. Syders

    awesome shirt

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