Nike offer Ebbsfleet a kit deal

On January 23 2008 members of myfootballclub approved the purchase of 75% of Ebbsfleet United, a Blue Square conference team. myfootballclub members vote on team selection, player transfers and other big decisions at the club rather than club management, one of the decisions these members now have to make is whether to accept a proposal from Nike to make their team shirts for the 2008/09 season. Nike have provided three kit choices for both home and away for Ebbsfleet United owners to select from:

2008/09 Ebbsfleet Home Shirts

Nike Ebbsfleet United Home Shirt Proposals

Nike’s proposed Ebbsfleet United away kits

Ebbsfleet's Away Nike Kit Proposals myfootballclub

The kit proposal itself is that the club outsources its retail merchandising operation to Nike, including all online sales and in return, Ebbsfleet will receive quarterly royalty payments against all sales made.

Which is your favourite design and should Ebbsfleet United go with Nike?

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  1. away 1 looks like the werder bremen kit and away 3 looks exactly like inter milans kit (which is also made by Nike). I personally would go for home 2 and away 2.

  2. home 1 looks like arsenal’s kit for 08/09.
    away 2 looks like somthing johnny wilkinson would where.
    away 3 is inter.
    not sure about the deal but, i’d go home 2, away 2.

  3. Number 3 home and Number 2 away.

    Great marketing move by Nike to get involved in the Ebsfleet project. I am sure they will maxamise the potential that the profile that Ebsfleet will get

  4. I Think Home Shrits Should Be Number 1 And the Away Shirts Should Be Number 2

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