Nike (RED) T90 Ascente Ball

Nike (RED) T90 Ascente Ball

Nike (RED) T90 Ascente Ball

The Nike (RED) campaign aims to provide funds for The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tubercolosis and Malaria, and also to deliver education and understanding for HIV and AIDS prevention. The campaign started with red laces being manufactured by Nike where all profits go to fund these initiatives. Now, Nike and three of the biggest leagues in Europe: the Barclays Premiership, La Liga and the Italian Serie A, have teamed up for the weekend 13-14 March to support the fight against AIDS and HIV.

The leagues will be using Nike (RED) special balls, with the respective league logo printed on them, this weekend. This special ball is a version of the T90 Ascente, which players are already accustomed to as they used a different version of the T90 Ascente this season. The distinguishing feature is the red colour and (RED) logo on the purposely-designed ball. This ball to support Nike (RED) is available to buy for £149.99, with profits going to charity. For all those who cannot afford the quite expensive price of this ball, you can still help by buying the Nike (RED) laces for only £4 and still doing your part to save lives.

Richard Scudamore – CEO of the Barclays Premier League

“The Premier League has enormous global appeal and we are committed to using our reach to raise awareness of this partnership between, Nike, one of our longest serving commercial partners, and (RED). A red ball and red laces are simple ideas, but sometimes those are the best — the hope is that the profile given through this and the money raised through ‘Lace Up, Save Lives’ will provide significant impetus and funding to the Global Fund’s activities to aid the prevention of HIV/AIDS in Africa.”

Susan Smith Ellis – CEO of Nike (RED)

“Having three of the world’s Premier football leagues is a force multiplier for NIKE AND (RED). It raises awareness. It expands our reach. Most important, it benefits those who suffer from AIDS in Africa. We could not be more pleased.”

Posted on March 13, 2010

Comments on “Nike (RED) T90 Ascente Ball”

  1. Dan

    I’m sure that 100% of profits are going to charity. But, let’s face it, Nike are getting a lot of very good publicity for this. The “good will” factor gained, at no financial loss is an amazing bit business for them, no doubt about it. Would Nike be doing this if they didn’t recieve any sort of recognition? I doubt it.

    Doesn’t mean its not a good cause though and this will hopefully make some sort of difference.

  2. MisterBroom12

    M…. you are putting your opinion, which is based off of no facts, against Nike’s word. What do they gain out of lying to the entire world about how much of the profit is donated? In just the same way you are telling Luis and myself to prove that Nike donate all the profit like they are stating, why don’t you have to prove that they aren’t?
    thinkbetter, Nike is an American based company so if they had any intentions of running a campaign to fix an economy, it probably wouldn’t be Europes…

  3. Luis

    Like I said, do the research… I’m sure you are a bright person.

  4. M....

    to Luis and MisterBroom12- i think that you are the type of people that if you were told that jumping off a cliff was the best way to living a great life, you would. Just because Nike say they are giving all the money to Africa, doesn’t mean they are. Prove it that they donate all the funds to charity, then I’ll shut up but if you don’t know the full facts don’t try pretending that you both do!
    Let us not forget that the advertising campaign that they run aren’t cheap. That big lace that went round the Emirates Stadium- materials/labour costs money. And just like they deduct money to pay for these materials/labour and the ad campaigns I’m sure that Nike also takes a nice 20% cut for themselves. Like I say, show me the proof that all the money that Nike makes goes to Africa/Haiti/Chile and I’ll rest my case!

  5. I

    cool stuff nike

  6. Thinkbetter

    “money for africa”?! why don’t we fix our european economies first?! i mean, most of e.u. members have enormous amounds of debt, unemployment is reaching sky levels, most people will have to face wage cuts etc, and you re thinking about helping others?! let’s take care of our own problems first! if we go down, they go down with us, if we fix it maybe we can help them.

  7. MisterBroom12

    M…. 100% of the profits go to fighting AIDS and poverty in Africa. Nike are making 0 money off this campaign. There are also no “slaves” used to make anything Nike produce. Nike strictly monitor all of their subsidised factories overseas and make sure that the conditions and pay are nothing less than proper for their workers. Stop speaking out of your a** and buy some of their products if you are so concerned with people doing the right thing.

  8. M....

    I’m sure that 80% of the money goes to the charities, the rest to Nike! Maybe Nike would start with paying proper money to the slaves that make their overpriced replica kits

  9. Pablo5

    Not only for Africa but for Haiti and Chile.

  10. Luis

    Why don’t you research things first before you post something you “think” you know…

    100% of the proceeds of the shoe laces go towards fighting poverty in Africa.

  11. M....

    is this a charity campaign? or is it more recognition + more products = more money = more profit for Nike? I doubt I’m not the only one who knows its the latter!

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